YSSY February dump

Hey all,

Here are some recent spotting pictures from Sydney (YSSY), enjoy!

China Airlines loading for a flight back to Taipei

Jetstar B788, had a long wait in the rain for departure to Honolulu

Exiting on F and heading to the cargo bay

This VistaJet had departed Sydney for LAX but had to return to YSSY due to a oil fire alarm going off

Jetstar A320 landing on a wet runway

Wonder where this A350 is going?

A rare spot, pretty sure it was the first time this generic B777F operated by Etihad came to Sydney

A nice evening arrival

Qatar 908 arriving from Doha

This was the first Sichuan A350 in Sydney

Camera Gear
  • Canon 90D
  • Canon 100-400mk ii

Nice shots, did the flooding effect the airport? (Well it Did)

Very nice shots ! Keep on like that! 😎😉

No, that part of Sydney didn’t get flooded

Oh good, I searched it up and nothing came up lol.

The major flooding is in Northern NSW and in Queensland from what I know


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Nice pics! and this is your 69th topic 😏

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The lucky number I guess then 😳

These pictures are so good 😍

That vista jet! 🤤🤤🤤😮

One day Infinite flight will have a corporate/business jet. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Stunning shots! Loving all those A350s.

Does the Citation not count?

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My apologies, It does. Would be awesome if it was reworked.

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@canton and @Chris_Hoss
To contribute to what has been said from an airport worker’s perspective. Firstly, I wasn’t working at the airport when the biggest downpour happened as I was with the NSW Rural Fire Service (firefighter) responding to flood related firecalls all day up in the Northern districts however I’ve been told and seen that:

  • DOM 2 taxiway and ramp (T2 between Jetstar and Virgin Australian/REX B737s gates was flooded up to 15cm high.
  • The Jetstar/Virgin Australia bagroom (T2) was flooded up to 10cm high.
  • The Qantas bagroom (T3) was flooded (unknown height).
  • The airside road at the Qantas maintenance base (between maintenance 5 and 6) was completely flooded and thus unserviceable (unserviceable meaning unusable).
  • The international Swissport bagroom (serving Air NZ, AirAsia, American, Hawaiian and a few others) was flooded and thus unserviceable.
  • Runway 16R/34L was temporarily unserviceable due to flooding just North of the runway intersection.

That’s basically the important stuff covered. There was a lot more affected but doesn’t really impact the overall operations of the airport.
To have a better understanding, for each of the three terminals, passengers can only see/access about 1/5 of the terminal with the rest being underground staff operations area. As you could imagine, everything that’s underground got flooded.


Thanks for the clarification, now I get it.

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