YSSY Evening Planespotting Departures and arrivals

I thought I would work on another planespotting topic since Sydney had lots of planes arriving there as of this morning (I was fedex 1003) and right now, and tried editing these photos slightly.


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Cathay 77W From Hong Kong

Fedex 77F greasing a landing from Guangzhou, China

Korean air 77F landing from Incheon

Qantas 737-800 from Gold Coast

Air Canada 77W taking off to Vancouver

Virgin Aussie 77W heading to Los Angeles

Qantas 787 heading to Shanghai?

Emirates 77L On a long trip to Dubai

Wasn’t able to get a good shot but here’s a DHL 77F also heading to Los Angeles

Should I make more planespotting topics

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Here’s more since the topic is in the limit

I didn’t really edit them since I thought it looked fine in general but I might fix the A380


Nice It’s funny how i took off from YSSY and saw that Korean Plane as well And how I was thinking what if someone was to post a pic on this airport


Was I the Cathay Pacific B77W?

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If you were landing there around 4:00am est then yes but I’m not sure if you were awake in that time

Oh. What time zone?

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East coast USA

Oh. I was on my way to YSSY. But, I landed around 8am EST there!

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Oh sorry about that you were like 4 hours late in my time so it was probably someone else in that 77W This morning

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I landed about 45 minutes ago

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Cool how was it

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Meanwhile trying to not burst at the seams because realism 🤨

too many 77W fly the other good planes in our sim

Great pictures 👍🏻

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It was pretty nice and packed

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@Alec I don’t really mind but it’s still in beta so most people are exited until the full update comes

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I don’t think you saw me I was a Malaysia Airlines 772 or 777-200er

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Maybe There aren’t some Malaysian 772 that morning since I take off or land from fedex to Dhl

Great pictures mate!

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Thanks a lot! :D