YSSY Australasian Event - A380 and some scenery!

  1. These are the screenshots I took while the Australasian Event went on Last Saturday.

  2. This was during the event as I was in Wave 2 at 0600Z headed from YSSY (Sydney) - KLAX (Los Angeles) with 2 other A380’s that one was headed to JFK and other one to KLAX as well.

Server: Expert
Date & Time: 0600Z on August 11, 2019
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Livery: Qantas
Callsign: Qantas 11 Super
Route: YSSY - KLAX (can insert waypoints if necessary).

Ps: Sorry guys, this is my first post in screenshots and videos. I apologize if I am wrong in some places. If I still need to enter more information, please let me know. I don’t want the topic to close before getting some people to talk about it lol

So yeah, I managed to get a 172 KNOTS crosswind…I have the full picture as well to see where the FPV was headed if you need it xD


These are some very nice pictures. I’m particularly interested in the last picture because it reminds me of another game unrelated to this one and looks like a Japanese picture :/.

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Amazing, love the moon and the sun. Great job on your first #screenshots-and-videos! 😃👍🏻


Wow very nice pics! Wish I could have made it tho…
Keep up the good work!


Honestly with couple of minutes in photoshop, you can create a Japanese flag with the last picture 😂😂

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Thank you! I thought I was going to see a lot of people that I know in the event. It was mind boggling to see that many people in one space. I was waiting almost an hour to take off too. It was crazy but it was so worth it!