YSSY ATC session

Hey everyone, here’s another time lapse of my 4hr ATC session at the Australian event last weekend. Winds were a little crazy

Thanks for watching & thanks to the pilots that listen to instructions & for your cooperation. Stay tuned for more


I can never get over these vids! So cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for taking the time to watch

Hey Matt! Good video, I love it, and, to help you, I have a tip! When you are in replay mode, you can pressing the screen 5 seconds and you will not see the Streep and the map at the left, we will just see what you want to share and not the rest :)
See you soon in the ATC sky, I’m training for IFATC with @AdamCallow:)


@Alexandre thanks for the compliment & for taking the time to watch. Also thanks for the tip. Hope too you join the team soon 🤙

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@Alexandre Hey,
I Think you will find that holding for 5 secs will only hide the bar in a flight replay…

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That’s I said, what did you understood?

What you mentioned is possible In the replay of a flight, but it is not possible in a ATC replay… ; )

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Oh no I’m so sorry to learn that 😕

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