YSSY at Night

Hiya everyone, here’s a collection of night photos that I’ve taken in the last 1-2 years.

These shots are exactly why you should avoid using a 700D at night.

First, the handheld shots. You may have seen some of these before in other channels.

And now some long McExposures. Some of these are a fair bit older, but I still like some of them.

You can check out my Jetphotos here for more shots.


great shots! im curious are any of these long exposures?

Cheers. The last 7 are long exposures, on average about 25-30 seconds for each


Stunning shots Alex!

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Thanks Dimitri!! Long time no see - hope you’re well bro!

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nice! great shots!

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imo as always A350 is the best, -1000 especially 💜

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