YSSY Approach

Hey everybody, I just controlled YSSY Approach and that was definately the craziest Approach session for me. I just want to say thanks to everyone cause most of the pilots followed the instructions!
I hope everybody enjoyed it!


I went off :)

Smashing controlling buddy!

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Wait, This happened on playground?

Advanced. Never will we ever see something like this on playground.


Thanks! @Maxwell291 No? 😳 On Advanced? @Benny87654321

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Trust me. I’ll give you $10 if you could get something like this going on playground lol.

Jk, won’t give $10 but seriously though. Good luck

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Most of the aircraft were coming from the north and west, what’s the point of vectoring them almost out of the region border?

I would prefer something more realistic.

Nearly everybody came from YSCB, so where should I vector them? :)

I’m just going to put this out there. There are 4 planes on approach in your picture not 10 like in his that makes a little bit of diffrence.

Nice I did something similar at KNUC tho alot more difficult since its a place were alot of people dont listen and leave your frequence at random moments

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Zooming out.

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im sorry But i felt accomplished Given that i am new to Approach

@Raajheer1 that wasn’t directed toward you buddy good work for the playground

Outstanding job!! :-)

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