YPPH-VHHH Cathay 777 with a lucky approach.

Hi everyone!

So following the ATC schedule on ES, I thought I’d join in again and boy do I have some pictures to share with you all!

These have been taken on ES from YPPH-VHHH from at about 11AM BST to around 6PM BST. Very recent because I wanted to share it ASAP.

Holding short of he runway at YPPH as a Qantas 747 takes off and a JetStar 787 taxis to the same runway.

Taking off to make a 180 northbound to Hong Kong!

Me flying over the orange northwest Australia, rather beautiful scenery I’d say.

My favourite, a parallel final approach to 7R with the same aircraft, lucky me.

And a slight off centre landing to conclude the flight.

Comment your favourite screenie, and I hope you enjoy them.


Great pictures! I like how you described what was happening in detail :). Keep it up!

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Thank you very much! I really am proud of these pictures.

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And forgot to tell you, the third one is my favorite :)

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Nice very nice picks

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