YPPH-EGLL, Traffic on Live Flight, empty on IF?? (live now)


On my second attempt at this long haul flight, just crossing into Iran.

Live Flight shows my track with traffic, but I’m alone in Infinite Flight.

Any ideas?

Ps. All servers are green except weather, but assume that wouldn’t impact other traffic.
PPs. Traffic was visible in IF around an hour ago, then it just disappeared.

This is most likely due to the distance you are away from the other airplanes. IF only covers a certain distance with visibility of other planes


Depending on your device and the aircraft count setting, I have noticed that the maximum range to see other aircraft on the map is about 200nm. That’s using an iPad Pro 10.5" with all settings set on high. Keep in mind this radius could change based on the device and settings you have selected. I think it would be fair to say that you’re just too far away from other aircraft. I don’t see any issues.

@Lucas_Piedra No. It doesn’t need to be in support. Seems like its just he’s too far from other aircraft.


Thanks @DeerCrusher for the clarification. I didn’t realise the distance limitations.


You’re too far away from the other aircraft.


(I didn’t think this warranted a whole #tutorials topic but if those wish for it to be posted I can copy and paste this reply. )

For those visual learners, I created this little display so you can figure out how to find the draw distance for your setup.

Step 1: Open up your map, and find the aircraft that is the farthest away from you.

Step 2: Find a waypoint, VOR, or airport closest to that aircraft and click the “Direct To” button. The symbol looks like a “D” with an arrow through it. Because we are unable to “Direct To” the aircraft, that’s why the waypoint option is the only course of action.

Step 3: Change your toolbar item to show “Dist to Dest”. Because you only have one waypoint in your flight plan, it will think that that one waypoint is your destination.

The Breakdown

As you will see as depicted, I am at KJFK on the ramp. I found an aircraft that was of a significant distance away from me. In this example the aircraft was near KIAD. As noted in the steps above, I chose a waypoint closest to that aircraft and set that as my “Direct To” fix. You will see that my distance to the aircraft is about 203nm before it disappeared.

These simple steps after trial and error will give you an idea of how far you can expect to find other aircraft. For me, I have finally narrowed it down to about 205 - 209nm before I’m no longer seeing other aircraft. Hope this helps you and others find your limits.