YPAD JetBridges

Idk what happened

Some too long, some too short. One is not in it’s directed area. Some are glitches into the ground.

Hey mate,

YPAD is not on the official list of airports with animated jet bridges or stand guidance systems yet, as there were a few issues that needed resolved with YPAD before release.

You can see the full list in regard to airports with jet bridges and stand guidance systems below:

Take care mate and hope this answers your question. Have a good one!


This has already been internally reported, those JetBridges might be in process of being put in, since they were not there before.

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I do know that but I don’t mean that. I’m just saying they are not the way they are supposed to be if you understand.

Do you mean in regard to how low they are to the ground or something else?

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Yes basically. Like a usual jetbridge would be standing in its area where it’s suppposed to be. But it isn’t. I’m gonna send you a better screenshot of what I mean.

Try to refer to @Neman_Rahmani and @NayanNair’s post in this topic I made a few days ago.

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Hey, sorry you’re experiencing this. I just checked our airports system and this issue has been fixed by the amazing airport editors and the updated version will be released in the next update with airports.


Alright, we’ll then this can be closed. Thanks for letting me know!