Youtubers Spotted on Live

This thread is for you to post pictures of youtubers that you’ve seen on live. I have a couple from today (how I got the idea for this thread). I saw Infinite Flight Simulator Multiplayer (IFSM) at KPSP.image
I hope to make this as big as the thread for “Community Members Spotted on Live”.

Make sure to put the topic in the correct category :)

Would it count if I just spawn in myself 'cause I’m a YouTuber.


I was controlling for IFSM in one of his videos.

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Oops, sorry lol

No, Even though I would count you in IF you got someone else to spawn in next to you and take a screenshot 😉.

P.S. Big fan 😃

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Oh ok I thought it can work like that.

I was watching a video from Infinite Flight Multiplayer I think it was, and I was controlling for him! 😂

I think I’ve controlled IFSM before.

Have you seen IFVM (Infinite Flight Virtual Magazine)?

There’s a Inifnite Flight Virtual Magazine!?

Yes. Didn’t you know?

No I did not

Anyway it’s new.
But let me find it’s website address and go read it. It’s good

@DiamondFlight1011, visit
Their latest edition is amazing in my opinion.

Ok thanks @AsianaIFVA

Anyone seen any youtubers today?

Just post youtubers here as they are also part of the community