Youtuber needed for IFPM [CLOSED]

Infinite Flight Pictures Media is in need of a Youtuber that has decent graphics and can do some plane spotting and some other videos for us! Content will be discussed in private.

We get what we need
You get more subscribers

If you are interested in the job please pm me or @Captain_Rojas so we can discuss terms. You would have to join our slack so we can discuss content but it is for some very interesting ideas coming up. We need YOU!
Now I know our forum and community has a lot of YouTubers in it…you know who your are!

A little rumor to spread…IFPM is about to be involved in a very exciting thing ;)

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸)


Join us…it is your destiny! And together we can rule the Galaxy!

Not to sound rude, but do we need so many topics on this IFPM thing and other olympic “media groups”?


Hey bud I completely agree. I’m just afraid people won’t see the important parts. But I will take that advice (no need to sound so formal old friend) and I will start posting strictly on one thread. Thanks for the feedback
-) it’s always welcomed

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸)

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We have our youtuber thanks guys! Head over to that recruitment form if you tried to apply but were turned away from the Youtbe job. I’d love having you guys join up. Look at the available spots open! Have a blessed day

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸)