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I know many of you guys watch Jeff Favignano on youtube and I was watching one of his videos from a few days ago. The video was a stream recording of him playing xplane and one of the viewers asked him if he played Infinite Flight before and surprisingly he actually has! Apparently he had it about two years ago. How great would it be to be able to get him to do a video with of him playing IF? His videos attract thousands of viewers and it great publicity for Infinite Flight! We should go to his comment section and ask him to make a comeback to IF!


Which video was this? I think I was the one who commented that…

Maybe in a few years or so if IF actually rolls out to PC…

Im under the impression he only does videos on PC games.


You are correct

I thought I was the only one who watched him 😂👌🏿 I think most people who have an interest in flight have at least tried infinite flight once or twice.


April 9th stream video. He was flying the 747

Then it wasn’t me, but I did ask him the same question on the MD-80 live stream

Never knew there were others on this community who liked him :D
I watched the live stream for a bit, but then the WiFi stopped working :/

Once I just decided to escort a plane on SoCal pg and it happened to be him! at the time I didn’t know who he was lol


Was it really him or an imitator?

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I really have no clue

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He stated (in the same stream) he isn’t the one flying online.

If you guys want to hear him talk about it, its at 56:30 and here’s the link


Now he did an Aerofly video…
I can’t get over it.


Good thing it wasn’t mobile version.…


I’d almost unsub him if he did mobile except he makes lovely other vids too :)
Edit: I swear I’ll unsub if he does a sponsored Aerofly vid 🤒

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But no spamming, only asking :)


Someone told me to shut up after asking if Jeff plays If. Btw the aeroFAIL was his only video i disliked.


People told me to shut up too… Weird Aerofail fans…


Jeff is hilarious…especially some of his earlier LCPDFR vidz.

So I noticed there is not many (if any at all) infinite flight videos that showcase Air Force One. I think the guys at Flying Development Studios did a great job on it. Now I’m not a YouTuber, but I just had to be one of the first (in my opinion) to showcase this great Jumbo jet. I made alot of mistakes and I hope you guys will check it out and give me a little advice.

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