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Some of my YouTube vids are pretty sucky so yea hopefully you like them anyways

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NZ 2 from lax to lhr flys over my house in real life😄.

Awesome! It must be nice to see the all blacks livery

Nice edit. Whts your weight setting? Light, medium, heavy?

Actually the AF flight was one of the best IF videos I have ever seen on YT. Unfortunately you are using copyright music in the background so your vids aren’t available in some countries

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Well when I take off I set it to heavy and when I’m landing I drag the weight of the fuel down

Hmmm… A NZ plane flying halfway across the world away from their home turf. A weird choice for a route 2…

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Well they fly it irl so why not?

Duplicate topic, please search before posting :

How is this a duplicate topic? This is on my vids not his

OHHHH!!! You just got owned!

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