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Hello I’ve made a video on infinite flight. I know it might not be the most entertaining but i want to know your oblivion…


That takeoff looks pretty steep their!

Yeah nearly stalled tbh 😂😂

hi and welcome to the community :) i love the video and it looks awesome but this may be a bit unecessary

I saw other people doing it and i thought its allowed. Sorry if it isn’t

it is allowed but it is unecessary

It’s completely fine. I don’t think this is unnesacery either.


i am saying what i think, no offence


Yeah i get

Nice video. I have a few tips for the flight though.

  • Strobe Lights only get turned on when entering the runway
  • Take off flaps are set before beginning the taxi
  • I would always begin my takeoff at the very end of a runway
  • It looks like you came in a little too low, and a little too fast on the approach (I would the HUD for landing. It’s a very useful tool ;) )

Overall a very nice video. Can’t wait to see more :)

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Lel your oblivion

It is allowed. Currently

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