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Hi i’m looking to make some good content on infinite flight, anyone got any good challenging video ideas?

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Something original: a video depicting iron maiden’s aces high. Lots of spitfire action you can get.
Otherwise: a flight you do 100% vfr using landmarks as you can see on charts and then like comment them. May be complicated though.
Or very challenging: reproduce a real world flight and try to get as many people that fly around like irl (same flights in a certain radius; mainly at the airport) then put real world atc coms on top.

ohhh yesss that’s a good idea with the spitfire, the thing about the landmarks is possible but it will be very very hard XD

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You wanted challenging 🙃. Or you could make a very scenic video. But that’s not as original. As an idea, reproduce the “this is why we fly” video but in IF. (Approach into NZQN)

I’ve not seen it, is it on youtube??

Yep. Standby I’ll get the link (I’ll edit this post with it). It seems the original has been deleted for some reason.

Oh and for iron maiden, you could do the book of souls world tour in the 747. The Air France livery we have is actually their plane before they bought it. (Old registration: F-GITH)

EDIT: this is a reupload of the original that was deleted. Unfortunately the quality isn’t half as good:

Westray to papa westray

That would be some quality content @anon55618039 😂 I also think the spitfire idea would be pretty cool :)


already did it 😂

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I’d say do some top 5 stuff for IF. I’ve done that on my YT channel and my viewers liked it.
You could record your flight on IF and then post a full flight video.

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