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Hi I have a question for the mods/staff/admin team at Infinite Flight?!

So my spark for flying has re-ignited and I’ve set up a YouTube channel called Infinite Air Tours… I wondered could I use this YouTube to showcase when you guys release new livery’s/aircrafts as well as reworked aircrafts I’d be flying them, creating a video and posting it on the YouTube and then sharing the videos to several groups kinda like reviews but without all the talking over the top (unless I can figure out how to do that) I’d love to work with you guys one day in the future showcasing IF reworks etc to different groups and partners etc!

P.S hope I’ve chose the right channel to post this too 🤞

My best regards,


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Hi there,

If you have a question for the moderator and staff team of Infinite Flight, please pm @moderators.

However if you would like us to answer, just let us know 😃

I doubt this would happen though, as the only people who have access are mods, staff, and testers. You are manually selected for your contributions to be a tester, and it would be unlikely for any of us to be one.


I think you can post videos in the forum

Are you asking if you can use the youtube video in your video or you can post you tube videos?

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Me too I am not shure of the question

Regarding on the community, you are definitely allowed to share your videos and photos via the #screenshots-and-videos category!

If you’re referring to testing unreleased aircraft, the staff team selects trusted members to beta test their aircraft. Usually beta testers aren’t allowed to share any information about the updates

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I just mean in general once they’ve released them can I use the footage I create for my YouTube channel lol

Hey if you can answer it feel free, I’d just like to fly the aircraft once the reworks have been complete create some footage in the form of a video and add it to my YouTube channel, I would love to work with you guys one day but know that will probably never happen haha

You can definitely!

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