Youtube Plane Spotting Channel with Flight Information

From any of you who like to watch plane spotting videos on Youtube, do you know which channels provides flight information on every aircraft spotted in their videos?

Some example of my favourite channels :

  1. Schipholhotspot

  2. The Aviators

  3. PilotSanderHD

  4. And of course there also Casey Planespotting

But most of them spot on Europe’s Airport. Please let me know if you know other channel with this typical videos.

thank you!


It also has flight information, also my favorite channel

and this is the example


Nice one, thanks bro!

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By the way wouldn’t this go in #real-world-aviation or #real-world-aviation:spotting

Don’t forget Flugsnug, he posts videos at Birmingham. They get awesome crosswinds there sometimes.


KBurchfiel is good, and he shoots in 4K!

it seems has been moved already, did you move this? thank you…

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I like him too, he captured a lot of great aviation moments.

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Yap he’s good, thanks for the reference @Matt737 :)

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