YouTube Infinite Flight Videos

If you want, you can check out my videos where I play Infinite Flight! :)


A (hard) landing completely managed with the A/P, woohoo -.-

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May I ask what you use to record?

I play on my iPhone, so I use QuickTime Player on my MacBook Air

If you call my landing hard, I have bad news for you.

This is called a firm landing, a hard landing has a v/s of 600 feet a min or more.

@Edvards_Ozols nice videos, keep them coming!! That is the same way I sometimes record my movies.


Yes that would be great but can understand its restrictive on tablet / phones to do so. With quicktime is a great alternative and offers the best quality possible.

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What platform do you play on? If you have a mac computer, you can record your videos the same way I do!

Where did I stay on a single view? Apparently you did not even watch the whole video, because I did not stay on a single view. And there is a video with just music, and I did not personally like it, because I like listening to engine spool ups and music gives it more feeling.

I didn’t think it was that hard…

For more realism, turn off landing aids

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How do you know that it was with A/P? It was a replay .

You can see at the bottom he stabilised the speed and HDG A/P until 20kts, V/S not on auto. Nothing wrong with this video. This is how I fly but I cancel A/P bit earlier.

If you want more videos like this, suggest what aircraft should I use, what airline, which airport should I use etc.
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