YouTube flight 2.0 // Frankfurt to Hong Kong // Cathay Pacific 77W

Hello there! This is my new YouTube video flight

This unfortunately is just a video


  • Expert Server
  • Frankfurt (EDDF) to Hong Kong (VHHH)
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Boeing 777-300ER

The Video:

In addition to this, I also made a website and discord server (links in the description of the video)

Thank you for viewing and hope you can support me!

I am also open to feedback thanks!


Very nice!

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Thank you very much!

So cool. I loved it!

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Thank you, Glad you loved it! Make sure to like 😉

Why did it take 16 hours? I thought it was like 11 hours? Great video though.

Nope I meant 12 hours apologise

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Oh ok makes sense.