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hi i am starting a channel and i wanted to know is there any rules for recording youtube videos. If there are or if there is another post please let me know.

No rules for recording them! You just can’t over-do the self promo, but none for recording them.

Nope! No rules, and once you make it, you can feel free to post it here (in accordance with the rules). IFC YouTube Accounts Database

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see what are the rules that you are talking bout? is it the music?

He is talking about the rules mentioned in the YouTube channels thread. Click on the link and you will se the rules to be able to post your YT channel. Otherwise, there is no rules for recording.

Yep! No rules for your YouTube account itself, sorry for my terrible wording there, still a bit tired lol, but there are rules for formatting your YouTube Account in that thread I linked. :)


  1. The account posted might be owned by you
  2. Accounts with inappropriate content will not be accepted
  3. Please follow the format posted



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