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I want to create a YT channel, but I’m idealess.As this community has supported me so far, I want to hear what you guys want in my channel. I’m asking because some videos are just boring flights. After quite a few ideas, I’ll start the channel and send the link. However, even though their might be ideas, I sill might not create it because I don’t have the gear, I’ll try to get the equipment.


Look at others IF channels, and good luck!
Otherwise this topic is slightly redundant and unnecessary


Will this channel be related to Infinite Flight or Real World Aviation? I don’t think talking about a YT channel fits in #general because topics in this category are only about Infinite Flight.

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I’m pretty sure he’s talking about an Infinite Flight channel.

@SirPilotOfAviation, maybe PM some people here for ideas?

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I have a channel, extremely embarrassing.

Please allow use to decided for ourselves on how cringe and embracing it is. Username Josh … please !

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@Jeffrey1o2 has one I believe, check to out for ideas

Add voiced ATC? Remove UI. And use a good editing software? Add explanations about what’s going on in text boxes etc. Basically be as creative and realistic as you can get

The username isn’t bad. In fact I’m proud of it. It’s just the videos… And that o got 116 dislikes XD

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I have a channel, 178 subs. Just make good content.

Thanks Kevin… lololol

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Not having ideas = boring content = few subscribers = unhappy you.

Really you need to have the ability to come up with vid ideas or it won’t be a success.

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