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Nice tunes man

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Less remixed music and more flight skills, please.

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That’s pretty rude, maybe if you let him know what he needs to work on that’s fine, and he just wants to share what he enjoys.


The approach and landing were pretty bad, here are some advices in how to improve them a bit:

  1. Autopilot is activated after takeoff. Companies have different views on when to activate it, but since this is a game, I turn on the HDG after takeoff, control my VS and activate it when its close to the VS I marked on the A/P, I avoid most of the time the nose bumps.

  2. When you have a long runway, I use flaps 1, and when I have a short one (EGLC/LCY), I use flaps 2, as you did there. Trim the aircraft to avoid pulling your device to your stomach.

  3. When doing final approach, always fly manually, you have a better control of the rate of descent, and you get to know when should you start flaring.

  4. You were landing an A318 at 160kts, while in real life, the A318 through A320 land at speeds between 125-145kts. Try a middle ground, 135kts (varies with weight, 135kts works for me on Normal, though I should try other speeds to reduce ballooning).

  5. Your aircraft wasn’t trimmed. All aircrafts, from what I’ve seen, at least on IF, need to be trimmed. Since Airbus aircrafts approach with a nose up stand, try trimming the A318 to 12% (varies with weight, 12% is for normal weight on the A318).

  6. The approach: too high. I’ll assume you don’t know when should you start to descend, so here’s an easy formula:
    • For the 3° descent: cruise alt-target alt=result. Result÷300.
    I add from 1 to 5 extra NM to have maneuvering space.

Approach also, check the approach plates of the airport you want to use. Most of them are available OTI. For example: Paris-Charles de Gaulle has two final approach points, one at 4000ft, and the other one at 3000ft. Try to intercept the glide slope from below (IE 3800ft on the aforementioned airport), fully configured for landing and at final approach speed.
To follow the glideslope: multiply Ground Speedx5, that’ll be your final rate of descent.

  1. Airbus uses flaps F(ull) for landing, unless weather forbids it.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right at the first try, its a learning curve, the most important thing is, have fun.

Hope this helps!


Hey I made the same mistake on landing fast on my video so its ok we all make mistakes and learn from them.

Hi we have a lot of topics regarding “YouTube Channel”, please next time post on them.

Liked the camera angles.


seems cool, but maybe u should landing with using autopilot? landing is soo bad ;c
and come to online flights! thats so cool!

APPR is used on very bad weather only.

mmm really? okay! ill shop using it in every landing! :D

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