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Hello all,
I’ve started a YouTube channel to help IFATC trainees. As I was trying to join IFATC, I noticed a massive lack of controlling videos on youtube ( there are only 2 IFATC tower talks), and I watched those so many times I was able to recite the words. So I have started a YouTube channel called “infinite flight live controlling Droubi”. I control on the expert server and record my screen and ATC voice. I hope to help all inspiring IFATC trainees by providing with hours of pure ATC controlling from the expert screen
First video in Germany:
Channel link:


I love your idea. It will surely help out alot.

Your should list your channel here instead of making a new topic.


Roger, I’m sorry. I’ll check that page out!

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You can always message a MOD and ask them if it’s ok. There always here to help.

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To keep the number of topics of folks posting their YouTube channels in a new topic every time, I suggest putting your channel on the list that @con provided.

If you’d like, you can post your video sessions in the topic below whenever you wish. Thanks for the understanding and I like the initiative to take a different approach. It’ll be appreciated by many aspiring controllers.