YouTube channel: Techno Teach

pilotos le quiero informarle mi canal de youtube que estare subiendo video online de
infinite flight mi canal es TECHNO TEACH en youtube me pueden mandar mensages para jugar juntos en infinite fligth online gracias por todos

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I want you to tell pilots my youtube channel to be uploading video online
infinite flight is TECHNO TEACH my channel on youtube send more message me to play together in infinite thanks for all online flight

#support:espanol is not the category for promoting your channel
#support:espanol No es la categorĂ­a para la promociĂłn de su canal

Your channel doesn’t exist or the link is broken
Su canal no existe o la tinta se rompe

is not ink!is link… google translate…

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The link for the channel doesn’t work.
El link para tu canal no funciona. check now

is not! is a strange game…be sure before posting…