Youth vs. Judgement

Noticed a few of ATC folk are in the 14-15yr old range. Not criticzing … but when i was that age GOD did i make awful descisions… should there an age limit of ATC?

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There is an age limit to join IFATC

what is it?

Atleast 14 years old, no exceptions

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i respect you deeply. .i do ,but t 14 i was an asshole… i was

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Well that’s why you have 2 test to take before being accepted onto the team

what team…?

The Advanced ATC Team

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thats fair and well, still does not stop bad descisions being made…


Well any ghosts that happen are logged

We are held accountable for every ghost, If its not justified, there are consequences


sigh yup I can assure it does happen. I have encountered it first hand once with a ghost I forgot to take a screenshot of lol

cool beans!. just posing the question since i made some terrible choices as a teen tis alll… would hope that power does not go to ones head


not ness about ghosting… but more life in gen… 15 yrs old is fragile. so much to see etc…

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I’m sick and tired of people blaming age for these sort of things. The topic in question is ATC (Advanced Server). Now I know 14 seems young, but that being said I also people who are 14 and are already learning to fly. Secondly you have to pass a TEST, yes a test… In fact, two types. So stop FACTORING AGE.
I’m 17, work two jobs, and go to school. I’m smart at what I do, and I have faith in younger people. A stereotyped age attitude really annoyes me.

As for the Playground server. People are there to LEARN. No one is perfect at the start.


I’m 15 turning 16, Grade 5 and an IFATC controller and I think I’m doing a really good job.


Thank-you very much for your controlling yesterday! I messed up a lot of that FNF, but I always appreciate all the controllers that take part and help! :)

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Its no problem we enjoy what we do , just keep practicing and you’ll be fine.

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Were you on Ground and Tower at KSEA?

Depends on the time

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