You're in an active aispace, please contact Approach

Hello community,

quick question,

I know I must contact approach when I’m passing FL180 or 50 NM away, how ever I’m flying KLAX - KSFO and as you might know it’s pretty busy this airspace, so 160 NM away from KSFO, somebody tell me I must contact Norcal Approach and give me frequency (133.95), however I don´t know where to contact this frequency (if I look at KSFO approach is not available at that time).

Thanks I appreciate any help.

Are you in Training Server?

And what altitude are you at

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yes and im flying at 30.000 feet

In Training Server ATC isn’t always too professional, so unless you’re 50NM out and 16,000 feet you don’t need to contact them

I would recommend listening to ATC on TS if they’re guiding you correctly, but you don’t need to contact them here, they can’t do anything about it

Its not possible that far out. It just sounds like an inexperienced controller on Training server to me.

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thank you very much. Looking forward to be in expert server lol

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yes soon, once done fulfilling requirements like with enough landings & flying time.
happy flying

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