"You're in an active airspace..." Help!

Alexei & Laurens you are correct…i think in IF the regions are too small for centre,and thereby changing in & out of either Approach or Departure…also Leigh your point is valid as well…

I’ve gotten this before, while I was on short final while doing pattern work. Suddenly I get a message saying I need to contact the center because I’m in an active airspace. However, I had let the ATC know the whole time about my position, and was cleared for the approach. Was this an “ignore” situation?

Very much so, don’t bother. he should have seen you are on Tower frequency and he can see your altitude. If you are under tower altitude and within tower boundry don’t worry about the others unless tower hand you over to approach/centre when the pattern is busy. Someone bother you on final? Mind boggling he must be Troll, just bored.

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Happens sometimes to me

My question is what’s he gonna do with you after final, take you for spin? ;)

I know, right? I resent my previous “I’m on final” message to the tower, who was just like…roger… So no idea. Almost messed up my approach, fumbling with the radio as I was passing 1000’.

If there was no aircraft on runway, tower should clear you to land when you say you on final, yeh it all depends on runway condition. Some controller do use roger for every leg, I try to sequence them before final, no need to roger on downwind or base all the time, so people would know who they are following. Yeh depends on how busy the airspace.

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This has helped me a lot. Also, I think others should read this as it may help them also.

Well my question is why do I get contacted by LAX for being in its active airspace when I’m overhead at FL250 when most class B airspace only goes up to 10K over LAX?

Because you were on the training server. I’d assume that.


@Maxmustang in the cases where there is more than one center, would it be prudent to contact whichever center is closest to you or closest to your destination? also if you are flying and a different center ends up being closer to you, would you switch to the closer center controller or remain on the original frequency?

Okay, on the training server, you will get this. It happens. Nothing you can do.

Regarding Expert Server SOP, if your FP indicates you are going to land at an airport, you can/should contact approach, if active, 50 nm out. Tower without approach, 25 nm out.

Before we get into “but IRL, Tower airspace is x miles out” recall that in real world aviation, there is coverage everywhere. So tower won’t be contacting you 25 miles out, because you’ll be talking to someone else.

But in IF, and that is what we are playing, contact tower 25 nm out if you intend to land there. (This does not apply if you intend to overfly the airport above tower airspace.)

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I’ve experienced this before. You are too far to reach this frequency so that’s why you can’t see it.

This is something I would imagine is common on the Playground Server for several reasons (but not limited to):
1 - The controller sending the on guard really doesn’t know what he is doing and thinks that everyone in the region should be contacting them regardless of your location and simply doesn’t understand that a pilot cannot contact them unless they are handed off to them from a radar service or the pilot is within 25 miles of the airport they are controlling at.
2 - The controller is bored and just trying to communicate with someone that will respond (if able).
3 - The controller is simply trolling the aircraft in the region because they have no life or friends.
4 - The controller is simply trolling the aircraft in the region to farm (build up) their ops count.

The reason you couldn’t reply is because you were not within 25 miles of the airspace. Unless you need to request a transition (5,000 ft or below) through their airspace en route to your destination or you are flying to that particular field, then simply just ignore on guard messages from Tower. If you do receive an on guard from a radar service, then yes, contact them, even if to tell them that you are flying VFR.


Great constructive post!

Definitely trolling, I got a request to contact Schipol (EHAM) tower whilst I was in London!

I’m pretty sure every one of those scenarios has occured to me. It gets very annoying on long flights. I wish I could tell the controller to check the help pages.

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On expert server, just answer with your intentions even if flying without a plan.
I get why it’s annoying, it bugs me too. Especially when I’m 100 miles away. Which happens more often than it used to. I would expect the controller to know better, but they are probably bored, and I guess I can sympathize with that. So usually I’ll just reply with my intentions.
However if on the Training Server, I just ignore those.