'You're in an active airspace...' But I'm not?


I was in Hawaii earlier (not literally, more’s the pity) and I was flying from Honolulu to Hilo. I had only just left Honolulu when the tower at Hilo started repeatedly to ask me to contact the tower because I was in an active airspace, it was constant and every few seconds from just outside of PHOG up till the point I was able to tune into PHTO.

Unfortunately I couldn’t check in to his frequency earlier because it wasn’t available on my list of ATC frequencies, presumably because I was too far away. I’d filed a flight plan and far as I can tell I was being a good pilot and following all the right procedures. Is there anything I’m missing?


This should not happen on the advanced server. If it’s the playground then there is nothing you can do.


@mhhodges76 I had the same experience! Plus I was denied landing Due to “Special"Event”! There is certainly nothing we can do for bad service on the Playground but there is something ATC Leadership can and should do. I will not ID the Controller here publicly. I do expect a Lead ATC person to contact me via PM. The Event Coordinator has been contacted separately. Mad Max Sends (Info: @Leodhasach)


What do you understand under “lead ATC person”?? ;) I am always willing to help just incase.


@Aernout… Thanks A, pls contact me via PM.


Aye, it was the playground. It was slightly irritating, the chap must have demanded I contact the tower about 20 times, so I admire his persistence if nothing else! I know we’re learning and I’m certainly far from perfect on the ATC.


I was wary of posting a screenshot as it has his name on it. Tried to track him down on the forum but I don’t think he has an account. Not really worth getting wound up about though,


@Leodhasach same experience in my attempt to contact the the individual by PM. My issue is the “Nothing you can do comment”. That’s unacceptable. Pilots must identify weaknesses in the system so corrective action can be taken. If a specific person is the issue a PM is the preferred method. Pilots have the Moderator System. ATC has a separate Training Leadership structure they are the only one who should correct there pupils. Max Sends


Max this was on the playground. Are you referring to what happened to you?


@Leodhasach we’ve been discussing on here that tower shouldn’t have the option / ability to send ‘on guard’ messages to anyone more than 25 NM away (the same distance that an aircraft can see the frequency / tune to the frequency) for months. The devs still haven’t fixed it. It’s a ridiculously annoying problem and it happens to me all the time. 182NM away is my record - in Hawaii like you just had. I feel like it’s a simple problem for the devs to address, but they seem to be spending time adding features rather than fixing the multitude of frustrating problems with live and ATC.

Similar issues happen when you’re on approach frequency being vectored and the peanut in the tower is sending you ‘on guard’ messages


Just tried to run the ATC at Hilo but one Nickchan who I believe is banned from this forum was being a pain in the ass, refusing to follow instructions and generally getting in everyone’s way. I know it’s playground and I know it’s only a game, but acting like a fud just annoys everyone. Ended up having to close the ATC because of his behaviour. Muppet.


I told him if he wants to not follow instructions, go join the rest of the rebels on the free flight server. It’s free*

*Just have a valid live membership


Sounds exactly like him… Then comes on here and posts that other pilots have no skills! I know this breaks the forum rules - but I think I’m justified in saying he is the biggest pest in Live, and in the forum.


I wasn’t sure if I’d overstepped the mark a wee bit there. Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets frustrated!


I don’t think it is breaking the rules. Him and Blackbird71 need to be named! So we can aware others of their behaviours.


Toby, your the man! Take no prisoners! It had to be said… Mad Max Sends


And why can’t we ban him from live as well he is nothing but nucense to all who play.


Or at the very least restrict him to the free flight server.

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