Your worst moment when plane spotting


The In-n-Out is a great place. The challenge is finding parking. My iPhone SE actually got some great pics because the planes are super close. Also I reccomend being there at around 1:00 pm as that’s when all the heavies come and go.


After September 11, when the world stood still and there was no more entry into the gates without a pass . I spotted planed in Chicago before Than and what a difference in time from the 80s , 90s, to now.


I about got arrested while planespotting. A pilot reported to the tower of somone taking photos of airlplanes and so the tower than called the police. it was a fun afternoon


28th Ammendment:

“Thou shall not take pictures of planes at an airport.

sounds so stupid lol


lol it was a fun afternoon. Got a whole story on it.


Well not exactly a specific experience. I used to live near KSJC (San Jose International Airport) when I was younger. Back then there were just 737s and smaller there. Now there’s two daily 788s and 1 daily 789. There’s even a seasonal A340. Like why can I not live there now 😡


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