Your worst moment when plane spotting


“So I couldn’t picture an EK A380 and the rest is history…”


great because there is no up close spott in MADRID that allows me to make a close up shot @dush19

Only certain people will understand this



Cold in Madrid? Sure… I’ll go spotting at Munich tomorrow, temperatures will be around 5°…well, at least better than the -1° we had in the fog when the LH 350 arrived


I know it might sound weird, but in madrid we do have temperatures below 5 degrees celsius in the winter ;) Looking forward to go spotting in some weeks in Munich



Going to Prague Airport to see the Antonov An-225 land. Every spotter there was expecting it to land on runway 12 (because we were told that) then they go ahead and make the Antonov land on rwy 24! I only get to see it taxi past and not land. Me along with hundreds of other spotters were not happy to say the least.


When I forgot my SD card at home ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Well, me and @PilotA were doing some spotting, so we go to this location in front of the runway, by the highway. The only way you can get there is by a 4x4, and to see the planes you have to stand on the roof of our car. So me and @PilotA are on the roof, and a cop car drives past, and rings the siren. So, we liked making jokes, and I’m sure you can figure out what we were joking about. So we hopped off the roof and jumped back in the car, at this point we were in my friends Dad car. We got stopped when we about to enter the main road, I quickly jumped into my dads car to hear the conversation.


I plane spot while driving. Don’t think I need to explain all the bad things that could happen. I can’t help it though.



There is a man driving while taking photos on a cell phone of planes…


God Spencer…


Spotting in 120-140kmh winds was quite a experience so 75kts


Me and my dad share the same problem. I blame it on genes


Lets see here… (I’ve had many)

Heres a good one:
I was in Saint Maarten on my normal vacation and as I was there… I saw on Flightradar24 aswell as the SXM’s Website that the inaugural of TUI today. I walked out of my resort (Right next to Maho Beach (La Plage) and walked up to La Terrasse to the rooftop deck to find out that I forgot my camera in the resort so I run out and what do I see landing!!! Thats Right! The First TUI Flight into SXM from AMS…

My Luck…


I thought going to KSAN to see something special was a good idea… didn’t see anything but Embrarers, 737s, and A320 series, and I believe I saw a Dash 8 although I would have taken a picture if I did. Kinda a waste of 2 hours lol


I have several:

“Hiking” to a spot in Seattle to realize I left my batteries in the car. Had it go back and get them which ruined the mood.

Getting booted from a perimeter road from DIA by the police to go and drive to a rental car parking lot and getting booted by the owners :(

Arriving to the In-N-Out on Sepulveda with a camera battery of 40%. And a Sony battery, mind you.

Arriving to spot and forgetting my long lens, meaning I had a 16-35 and a 55mm only.

And probably the most embarrassing, with my dad in the ops car at DIA, and having to make a UA 77W wait to cross in front. Not my fault, but the disapproving looks from the cockpit and the very sarcastic “wave” when I waved back was embarrassing. This was the result:


I spent a lot of time trying to find a good spot for a runway at EHAM, only to find out they were not using that runway at that time 😐


awww that sucks… TNI AU’s 732’s are rlly rare these days…


When I was out at KIDA waiting for he CRJ-200 and CRJ-700 Delta And United Connections to be on final, (March) 2017 I was super hyped up and the worst luck possible happens, Gets Cloudy it was fairly cold but I didn’t think it was freezing, but As Idaho is IDAHO It Snowed (and I mean SNOWED it Was a blizzard) right there in the middle of March 😂 Idaho’s weather is so unpredictable we left, With No Pictures 😑


I’ve been spotting in San Diego a few times and yeah it’s mostly small planes but if you go at the right times you might see some MD-11’s, 777’s and A340’s. I’ve seen all of those before so you just have to check FR24 to see when they come.


well… the worst part about my spotting career is that I haven’t gone spotting yet :((


Yeah I might take the drive up to LA because that’s an easy spot to see all types of planes