Your worst moment when plane spotting

Hello everyone! Not sure if this is a thing but what is your worst moment when planespotting? My camera died filming a FedEx Airbus A310 taking off Runway 24 at KMHT, I happen to have spare batteries, but was caught up in the moment.

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Left the airport at 3pm.

P.S it was so cold in the morning


Went to go Planespotting and realized I never actually purchased a camera. 🤣
Hopefully going to fix this over the holidays.


My house is about a 10 minute walk from KLMO, my local airport for GA, and I was using my phone as a camera. I went to photograph a Twin Otter when my phone died.


I was trying to take a video of a Hong Kong Express A320NEO, but I zoomed in too far and lost track of the aircraft. Only managed to get a mediocre photo.


This is my worst moment, when an rare aircraft visiting my Home airport.
👮Pilot : "V1…ROTATE…
😀Me: “Oh…no, missed it”

© My Photo | Taken with my phone + Tele lens at my home airport😂
ℹ️ a quick information about the plane
● Aircraft : B737-2X9 (200)
● Owner : Indonesian Air force
● Reg. : AI-7302


I was spotting in Atlanta with my camera while eating a bag of buttery popcorn.

I’m sure you can figure out what happened.


Driving down to the airport and realizing your SD card is full, or you never had one in your camera in the first place.

Lesson learned: Always keep spare SD cards when you go for shoots.


Planespotting at CYYC, walking up to a hill right by 17L/35R, there’s a bridge to carry the runway as well as 2 taxiways over Airport Trail. The 2 taxiways intersect at that bridge, and I just happened to be crossing the bridge as what I believe was a FedEx A300 was taxiing away from me. The resulting jet blast made me drop my phone and crack the screen. I did at least get a picture of it taking off though.


I was going to go spotting last weekend because two SWA 73M8s were coming within 15 minutes of each other so I wanted to go to catch them, but my dad and I were just ready to leave for the airport when his dang car wouldn’t start! So I sat at home instead of catching the two birds. Hopefully they come again this weekend.


I feel your pain, I looked at FlightRadar24 one night a couple weeks ago, and saw that 3 different B747s were due to depart within about 20 minutes of each other. Unfortunately I never would’ve made it in time to catch them, as I live 45 minutes from the airport. Super disappointed considering so many 747s are being retired, I may not get another opportunity to see that.

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I drove to the airport to catch an Antonov taxi literally feet in front of me. Climbed on top of my car. Got ready to watch it taxi past. Turned on my camera. Clicked all the photos off. Looked to see how they turned out. “No SD card in camera”. Lots of swearing.


Yeah, that’s bad.
Trump came to town last week and I wanted to go to the airport then too, but something called ‘School’… They park the VCs just in range of sight on the second phone lot so that would’ve been awesome!


Oh my gosh, must have really ruined your day knowing you went to catch that plane only for the camera to have no SD card

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I was at Founders Plaza at DFW spotting in a torrential downpour this summer. The visibility was probably just a few meters. Because of that, I nearly missed an AA 757 in the Chrome Livery, and missed a AA MD-80, which is quickly phasing out. The rain was so loud and the visibility so bad that you couldn’t hear or see the plane till it was 100 feet away from you. In other words, there is this highway by Founders Plaza that the planes fly over. You couldn’t hear or see the plane till after it crossed the highway.


I already fixed it for myself😉.

Planespotting inside the airport is a bad idea, you cannot see anything due to planes, first time me hating planes was that moment 😂.

Andd a cargolux 747-8 passing right over me while I am swimming in my pool! Totally missed it 😂😂😂.

(747 might not be the best aircraft out there but you rarely get to see them in Turkey!)


Watching people falling over in the jet blast at skiathos


KLM sent a 777-200ER instead of a 787-9 and it landed on the furthest runway from the place I was plane spotting. Basically I missed it and it probably won’t come back.

Being told by a cop you need to plane spot some were else even though you were 40 feet from the fence and at the best spot at the airport


I absolutely hate it when I go plane spotting and when I get there it there is a downpour.

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pffff I dont know where to start hahha. I´ve had so many unlucky moments while spotting that i could write a book about it. I think one of the worst moments was when I went spotting at Madrid in winter and my SD card was full. I wanted to take it out but my fingers were freezing so I didnt get it completely out. The SD was stuck neither could i put it back in or take it out. This just happened before a korean air 777 arrived.


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