Your worst area?

I had a shorter ATC session this afternoon, after I’d done some flying at EGLL. I’m looking forward to the reintroduction of ATC test, so I can take it!! There are, unfortunately, still some pilots who don’t fully understand the rules, it seems. I hope that they will learn! Anyway I’ve had some good pattern practce, though there were only two aircraft at most remaining in pattern, somI didn’t get to do any real sequencing, that’s definitely where I’ll need practice.
Anyway, this is what I wrote this post to be about. Which area do you need practice in?
For me it would be;
ATC- Pattern sequencing and landing timings- Ensuring plane landing on 30 is coming in not at the same time as the plane landing 07R (This is KLBG and those runways intersect)
Flying- Landings for sure. Timing the flare and getting under control when I land. Also crosswind takeoff, to make sure I don’t go spiralling off to the side!

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After 2 years of playing IF I don’t need practicing anymore :)

Normally ATC don’t allows multiple runways use, so guide all incoming planes to the same runway.
You’re not controlling ORD ;)

On approach pitch is at about 1°, when you hear the callout “50” start pulling up gently until 4° at the moment of touchdown.
For smaller planes like the 737 flare starts at 30 ft.

During takeoff roll and rotation adjust alignment with the rudder, and release it once the main gear left the ground.