Your Worst Aircraft /Flight as a Pax?

Top this: Air America Porter Shuttle, Marble Moutain to the Rose Garden.
Over the Animites in Monsoon Season with Rice Bags & Caged Piglets as seat mates. Mad Max Sends

AA 757-200 in the aging 80s/early 90s config.

Here’s a list of thingns that were broken:

Window shade
Tray table
Headphone output
The personal a/c thing

The cabin was filthy-Rug was ratty and had crumbs from previous flights. Aircraft lighting was very poor and the seats were well worn.

The aircraft was likely not far from tha scrapyard. It was in horrible shape.

Long live the DC-9!

Wasn’t the worst flight but I thought you’d like this B707. Really old and dirty 707 from Chengdu to Lhasa. Large swatches of paint chipping on the outside, broken seats, torn and deeply filthy carpet. On a domestic Chinese carrier but no doubt a discard from the Pan Am or TWA days (my first model airplane was a TWA 707 as well). All four engines seemed to work though and it got us over the Eastern Himalayas in the summer of 1987.

No fault on the airline’s side, but still an experience that I will remember for a lifetime for all the bad things. So I boarded an AS 737 for a trans con. And I had the fortune of having a slightly rotund couple sit in the middle and the aisle seats, so I was at the window for the flight. They weren’t large enough to be considered a person of size, but spilled over into my seat, so I was sitting there, squished up against the window, with the window baking in the sun, with the temperature reaching about 26-27 degrees celsius. To make the problem worse, the women was wearing an unpleasant perfume. So I really didn’t have many appealing options, I had a bad smell on one side, and the sun baked fuselage on the other side. So that lasted fora trans con, and it wasn’t pleasant to say the very least.

The worst flight ever was on board a Holiday Airlines Airbus A300, summer 1996.
Boarding passes showed no seats which led to passengers ‘fighting’ for the ones available, unbelievably crowded inside, plane in a bad shape.
After takeoff heavy turbulence made me believed it might well be my last flight.
Here comes the funny part: It was one of the last flights- for the airline anyway. They were refused rights to fly to Germany due to security issues. It made the papers at that time.