Your Violations Stories!

Probably 50 idk lol

Can someone who knows the answer for expert server max vios please let me know

ill try and find out for you

It’s five, used to be six.

Back in the pre-global days and when I was new to IF, I got like 20 violations in one flight. The rest (about 2 or 3) were from not being able to go below 250 knots under 10000 feet.

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I once had got 6 violations the day before an event at my home airport that I was looking forward to. A very kind someone removed them for me so I could attend the event.

I then hopped in a 737 to fly to the airport the event was being held and soon as I took off, I was distracted and got 6 violations!!!

Haven’t gotten a violation since

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well… I started descending and went to the toilet to bath… forgot to lower speed at 10000ft … so yeah I was at 255kts, got 5 violations and got ghosted.

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I received 11 violations in a few minutes for flying in Bravo Airspace. This was back in the day when you weren’t allowed to fly in Bravo Airspace unless you had enough XP

First thing first: welcome to our community, Adam! We’re glad that you’ve decided to join probably-the-best community on Earth ;)
Onto the main thing: yeah you technically cut through everybody’s sequence and any ATC wouldn’t love to see that. Did you turn on the internet on the runway or at the gate?

Pets again! Seriously, where did they learn how to disengage autopilots?

Okay I gotta admit that pets are indeed very sketchy. They must have some kind of a human soul inside! Hahaha

and it’s so ironic how your virtual co-pilot in the game does nothing but to watch you fly (and crash) lol
the most useless first officer ever hahaha!

Also to our new member: welcome to IFC, @jaspero!
Which server did it happen in? TS/ES? I was thinking that you probably over-sped, but you couldn’t have gotten 18 violations just by overspeeding—something else must have taken place…

Lucky you! Hahaha at least you repented since that last 6 violations.

Thanks for the submissions y’all, loved reading all of those!
I’ll create a quick statistical info on how/why violations happen.

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Most of my violations resulted from me running out of fuel while in cruise… 16 violations so far for 1500 landings.

I was flying between Sydney and Perth and my A320 went haywire and dived when I was doing work.

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Aight, here’s a quick statistical information regarding all the causes of violations!
All posts before this post have been accounted for. The new ones will come later.

  • Distractions represent the majority cause of violations at 51.1111%
  • Out of all “internal factors”, the most common mistake is speeding at 41.6667%
  • Out of all pets, dogs are the naughtiest ones at 50.0000% (this is really inaccurate due to the lack of sample points)
  • Out of all “lack of experience in the game”, being a noob and/or not knowing the rules represents 61.5385%

@rtg113 is the kind of person to get an aerobatics violation while taxiing


Hahahaha WHAT

I have none, anyway what are they?

Some of mine were when I was flying a tbm, and I accidentally put the speed up to 300 after passing 10,000 feet. Also, with the tbm, I accidentally disengaged autopilot, and I dove down. I forgot to mention. I’m still a grade 4, with 22 violations.

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I accidentally hit the AP button, and my plane went into a dive. I saved it, but got a violation for going over 250 knots under 10,000.

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Lol yesterday I set my 787 at 75% thrust during climb and forgot about it… looked back and holy cow got 3 violations😭… what’s worse was it kicked me down from grade 4 to grade 2… I’m conclusion NERF THE 787 THRUST and don’t forget about the flight

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You get a violation for breaking one of the rules in IF. You can only get violations in the Training Server and Expert Server.

For more infos on how violations are given, feel free to read this topic below:

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