Your Violations Stories!

I know how you get violations—I would love to hear (or read?) how you got your violations!

I am currently (at the time of this post) in Grade 4 with 80,090 XPs, 67 flying hrs, 313 landings, and 0 violations.

And of course, I am not looking forward to getting a single violation. I always fly on Expert Server ever since I stepped onto Grade 3 unless I want to do quick patterns or help someone with their ATC Tracking Thread or (rarely) do some random stuffs in Casual Server. (did someone mention that April Fool’s Day? hahaha. Don’t ask me what happened and don’t bother digging into it) 😂

Since I have not encountered any violations, I wonder how people get them. By “how”, I meant I would love to know your stories when you received your violations.

It could be like:

I was walking down the street while playing IF and slipped on a black ice!


My dog bit my phone and threw it away during descent. His sharp teeth disengaged the autopilot and cracked the screen, causing my plane to overspeed and crash.


I was so awfully depressed as I’d just broken up with my avgeek girlfriend
(or boyfriend, you avgirls? 😂)

or whatever your story sounds like!

As a community where nobody is perfect, I think it’s a good idea that we learn from each other’s mistakes and prevent those from happening. Sometimes we just need to sit and ponder what we do wrong and reflect on those.
Isn’t this what a community is for?

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your story, feel free to just read and chill

I’ll be sure to share my story once I receive my very-first violation! 😂

The stories I mentioned above are merely fictional stories I thought of myself and in no way having intentions of offending anyone or what-so-ever—if it happens to be your story, it’s just a pure coincidence ;)


Almost all my violations evolve around me sleeping while descending. One however was I put my phone in the sink because I thought it was a plate. I think I was tired that day lol.


Not getting violations in IF is almost impossible I’d say, either you were distracted by something and forgot to slow down before descending below 10,000ft, or in general, violations will meet you one day, most of my violations ive got are from my newbie days, where I didn’t really care much, but amazingly i only got about 23 on those days and today i stand with 26, pretty sure all of those 3 were because of being distracted lol.


The only violations I have ever recieved were after I was not paying attention to the speed when descending below 10000. I only have 13 violations.

When I first flew on training and glitched and got flung into space. I got 5 Vios and I got so annoyed I literally complained to @schyllberg

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My violations are from me not paying attention to my speed

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Casually flying, saw my landing runway 21,000 feet below me. Thought I could make it. Got 8 violations before giving up


Not watching my speed as I was climbing (was below 10,000 ft)—> saw a big red message saying I received a violation


Got another 6 while I was away from my device and foolishly left it on the ground
My dog sniffed my device and disengaged the autopilot which put my plane into a nosedive and crashed


Took a nap when I woke up had hella violations.

-The end.


I have 397 violations but that those violations were from before global came I had no idea how to fly what the rules were I’d don’t even know there was a forum till global came out lol I started realizing I need to step it up and actually follow rules lol The 397th vio I have was when global came out lol 😂 I pressed AP on accident and sped up too fast 😂(this is pretty bad but I got 1050 hours of flight time and 730kxp)

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My First Violation?

It was the beginning of my soon to be record for longest flight. I planned to fly KLAX to VHHH flying East, estimated to be over 20 hours. I meticulously spent at least an hour planning ahead, calculating fuel, wind speed, etc. I departed Los Angeles in my Boeing 777-200LR and slowly step climbed, eventually reaching my cruising altitude of FL410. I was about 8 hours in & reached over Greenland with everything going according to plan. I then decided to take a little snack break so I headed to the kitchen, foolishly leaving my iPad unattended. While I was away, my cat, LuLu, saw it as the perfect moment to sabotage my flight. I didn’t see, but somehow she pushed the A/P button and turned it off. She just sat there and watched my plane surpass Mach 2 and crash off the coast of Ireland. Returned back to my flight with a bowl of Doritos and some Dr. Pepper only to see my plane in the ground, and my cat sitting next to my iPad.

Anyway, TL;DR, If you own a cat, especially an evil one, leave your device on a high surface…


All my vios are from when I was a noob on training or the time I realized that I was too heavy and too high in a 777 and got 6 vios


One time I was taking off and my allergy’s kicked in right before I could rotate. I kept sneezing and couldn’t stop. This resulted in me overuning the runway and getting two max taxi speed vios


Seems like most violations result from distractions and lack of experience
Except: @anon7075715’s evil cat (I think all cats know how to break stuffs at perfect timings hahaha!), @BigBert10’s dog (sounds almost like the 2nd example I mentioned at the opening post!), @JacksonAviation’s allergy.

I might actually consider “animals” to be part of the causes of violations lol.

Thank god my hamster is caged…

Thanks for the stories folks! I enjoyed reading the all!


I have 14 violations(2 in the past year)

My first 3 occurred because I forgot to set my altitude and Which caused me to do aerobatic near an airport, 6 occurred on an overnight flight and 3 are from forgetting to set speed the other 2 idk

I have a great violation story. So I went to apply for IFATC only to be told that my account had 350ish violations. Well, this is the account I had since I started playing back in 2013 when I didn’t understand anything about it and I just flew around in an FA-18. After this I made a new account and now all is good.

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One time I was flying a caravan outside of Palm Springs, I went to the washroom on climbout and when I returned to my device, I was in a mountain 😂

At least it was training server! Good times


Once I was cooking and I burned my hand while holding my iPad, it dropped in my curry and it tasted pretty good but I forgot about the flight and it crashed before landing. Seconds before disaster…

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my first violation(s) was when I was attempting to take off in a max weight c17… and as soon as i lifted off it stalled and it didn’t crash(ofc)… but it landed on the taxiway doing 200kts and got hit with 3 violations attempting to recover it lol… first ever violations and it was a tough one

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Did you get any violations when the iPad took a swim in your curry? lol

What tasted pretty good? The curry or the iPad? Hahaha lol

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