Your Violation Stories - [Part 2]

                       Hello, Infinite Flight Community!

I noticed that a thread got closed a couple of days ago about everyone sharing their ghosting stories:

I really want to thank First_Officer_Lee because this was an inspiration from his own post.

But with the new update, we got a new system of violations. So I thought it would be very interesting to share your violation stories (Level 1, 2, 3)!

Have you received a level 1,2,3 violation yet?

  • YES
  • NOPE

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This thread is not in any way designed to bully, tease or make anyone ashamed of getting a violation because we all make mistakes and that is A-OKAY If I see this happen or if I see anyone comment such a thing I will flag it and get moderators involved if needed (Also if you see any of this behavior please let me know or the moderators). I don’t want any of this to happen. So please let’s keep this community a warm and welcoming place 😄👍

I want to see this topic used as a place where we can learn from each other’s mistakes and our own so we can help each other become better IF pilots!

I’ll start off with my story:

I got a level 3 violation. (Yes, I am aware, it is a big oopsy). I entered a runway without permission because I thought I was cleared to take off 😅. Sorry if you were the controller who saw me do this on KLGB.

Thank you and may the skies be ever with you!


Oh and this belongs to the live category! I changed that…

I’ve never been reported but my funniest level 1 violation was when I was doing a continental US flight (KJFK - KSEA). Everything was all good so I decided to eat before I landed.

I came back and I saw the big word CRASH on my screen with a violation warning for aerobatics near airports in the background. I go to check my log and I received not one, not two, but 3 violations (2 for speed and one for aerobatics).

The winds destroyed my plane but now I know to never leave my plane unattended if it is a narrow body jet in extreme winds


Yeah! Everyone hates to return to their flight and see Crash. I have been there too lol so nooooo worries.


I don’t know why mine was closed still, but thank you for reviving it.

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Forgetting that I had turned on VNAV earlier before descent, got busy doing something, came back to 3 overspeed violations after 4 hours of flying…


Thats alright and this also happened to me! Because this may happen I always double check to see if my VNAV is on when im cruising.

Being a fighter jock in a virtual Air Force. I got shot down by a violation SAM all while going defensive against enemy fighters (this was a while back) 😂


LOL! I got a vio for escorting AF1. I turned around annd did a loopty loop at the airport and got a violation for “acrobatics 😂”

Well thank you for giving me the idea!😄👍 Without your old thread I ever would have posted this lol. So I really owe a lot of the credit to you!

Well most if it actualley

I remember one of my first time son expert, i did a flight from KJFK to OMDB in the 777-300ER. I started the flight and everything aws great, i got to cruise, and after that i went to eat dinner. When i came back i saw that i had crashed and gotten 5 level 1 violations. That is over 1 year ago so all of them is gone.

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This has happened to me very annoyingly as well. I also remember flying on the expert server for the first time. It was very hectic 😂😂

yeah, I also did fly the F22 on expert at LAX, not a very good idea. Got reported for that, but as last one over a year ago

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I got a aerobatic violation because my cessna 172 flipped over during takeoff with heavy crosswinds


I haven’t had any violations since 20.1 :)

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my story is how like i got distracted by watching cartoon (I was watching looney tunes) then i didnt realized that i got speed viotions under FL100 also this was around version 19.3 so i havent got violated but i did get ghosted twice


My two first times and last that I did violations were the same day and flight.

I was flying from EHAM to EGLL, when I was descending to approach Heathrow, the door was rung and I went to open it so when I checked my plane, it was under FL100, flying at 270 and I received the warnings and violations.

Nowadays I check my descents at the beginning and since the last violations I have never been warned.



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I’ve only got lvl 1 violations for just one thing, and I do it a lot.



ive gotton alot for oversleeping and i once got a level 3 violation on my first expert flight before 20.1 becvause i was a noob taxied to worong runway taxied through a plane taxied at 30 kts in a 172 and landed in wrong runway

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