Your Vegas Valley Flying Guide! [Updated]

The Vegas Valley Flying Guide

As you might know, tomorrow (8/25/20), will have KLAS or McCarran International featured as a hub! Not only that but Nellis AFB is also featured to following day! It’s been my dream to finally have my hometown as one of the IFATC scheduled hubs. I made a flying guide a little while ago but here is my updated and revised guide for 2020!

Las Vegas

Located in Southern Nevada or Clark County is the beautiful town of Las Vegas, Nevada! Also known as the “City of Lights” or “Sin City.” Las Vegas is home to 4 airport. 2 executive airports, 1 major major airport, and 1 air force base.

Las Vegas aviation ranges from your everyday commercial flying to large bomber aircraft. Military aircraft is a big presence, even at McCarran International. Vegas is home to a population of 3 million and has a vast variety of entertainment. Gambling is also legalized in Vegas making it a popular destination for tourists all over the world.

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Las Vegas has multiple airports around the valley. Here is information for each one.

McCarran International Airport | KLAS

McCarran is the largest airport in the valley and is the largest in passenger count and size for the entire Nevada. McCarran is 1/2 of the airports that serve passengers. McCarran also has multiple GA hangers on the east side of the airport along the strip and a cargo terminal on the west. The airport has multiple airlines serving Vegas as a destination. Airlines like Southwest and Allegiant are based in Las Vegas.

Henderson Executive | KHND

Henderson Executive is the 2/2 airport that serves passengers. Although no airlines serve the airport, you can fly into Henderson with charter airlines like Wheels Up Aviation and multiple helicopter companies. Henderson is the main executive airport carrying many entrepreneurs and celebrities. It’s peak time is usually Sunday mornings. It is located south of the strip. Fun fact, I only live 1 mile away from this airfield!

North Las Vegas Airport | KVGT

This airfield is a major GA airport. Home to Aviation Academies, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the CAP (Civil Air Patrol). The airfield is located the the north of the strip. Multiple inbound local flights go in and out of this airfield everyday. Unfortunately, this airport is not yet edited by IFAET so only several spawn-ins are available.

Nellis Air Force Base | KLSV

Nellis Air Force Base is. home to the Thunderbirds and the 66th Weapons Squadron. This airport receives a high amount of military cargo aircraft everyday. Aerial combat training is daily at Nellis in which aircraft takeoff at Nellis and head to Tonopah Test Range north of Las Vegas Valley. The airfield is located to the Northeast of the Strip and is also known for it’s Red Flag Ariel Combat Training held every 3 months.

Blue = Air Force Base
Green = Executive & Civilian Airport
Red = Commercial Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International

Now, we talk about procedures at Las Vegas!

Runway Usage

You can use these runway usage procedures (please i’m begging you 🥺) but IFATC tend to use every runway possible at busy times.

26L/8R is ONLY used for arrivals. Please do not use this runway for departures.

26R/8L is used for departures 97% of the time. It’s long runway allows room for any aircraft.

1L/19R is used for arrivals and executive departures.

1R/19L is used for arrivals and commercial departures

Takeoff Procedures

With the SIDS and STARS update for 20.1, it makes my life easier and helps to not yell at you. On the 26R departure, you are forced to make an immediate turn left or right. This is because of the mountain-high terrain to the west of Las Vegas.

Runway 19 departures cannot turn right after departure due to the big boi mountain.

Runway 1 departures must make a left-hand u-turn after departure or a right 70 degree turn. This is to avoid GA and military traffic at KLVS and KVGT.

Arrival Procedures

The current STARS are 90% accurate. But some of these STARS are almost always changed IRL.

The KEPEC6 arrival is an example of this. Pilots will turn left halfway up the downwind instead of going fully past Lake Mead and entering base. The red line represents this.

Currently, there is no procedure for Runway 19 arrivals but this because 19 arrivals are only Visual approaches.

Gate Usage

I tend to get angery whenever I see an A380 Qatar at the Allegiant gates. So please, PLEASE follow these gate layouts.

Las Vegas has Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Terminal 2 doesn’t exist for some reason.

Allegiant - Green
Spirit - Red
Southwest - Blue
Yellow - Alaska
Cyan - United
Brown - Delta
Vegan Green - American
Purple - Frontier & Air Canada
White - International


Specific Taxiing isn’t required but it helps IFATC if you follow these rules! :)

Green Taxiway - Used for Runway 1 and 19s. Use this taxiway to get to any of the west runways

Blue Taxiway - Primary taxiway to get to 26R. I’d try to use this taxiway to get to 26R and not go onto the red taxiway. Please use 26R at Full Length

Red Taxiway - This taxiway is used to get to runway 8. You do NOT have to use runway 8 full length but can takeoff on the intersection before runaway 1R. You can use this runway as a stand-by taxiway if you’re taxiing to 26R.

Thank you everyone and have a fun time tomorrow!


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Top 10 mysteries scientists still can’t explain.


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The mystery has been recently solved on Netflix’s new T.V show “Don’t land 26R”

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CES2020 brought this

This every 2 day flight from Netherlands!

The UFC Charter. Note that the actual flight number is 8207 for the return flight but the recent flight for it cannot be found

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