Your Ultimate Guide to John F. Kennedy Intl. Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport

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John F. Kennedy International Airport (commonly referred to as JFK Airport) (ICAO Code: KJFK) named after the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy is a major international hub, and a key gateway to the United States and the world. It is the busiest international gateway to North America, serving 62.5 million total passengers in 2019.
More than 90 airlines operate to/from JFK, making JFK a very diverse airport. JFK also has nonstop or direct flights to all 6 inhabited continents. JFK is a very popular airport on Infinite Flight. You’ll commonly see it towards the top of the status board with most inbounds on both Training and Expert Server, and if it has ATC it will be toward the top as well. You’ll almost always find at least another plane on the ground, or approaching/departing.

The Terminals, Airlines, Destinations, and Aircraft

photo credit: British Airways to move to Terminal 8 at New York JFK | World Airline News

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of JFK is served by many diverse international carriers. It has 11 gates and can fit up to the A380. The following airlines utilize Terminal 1 at JFK: Aeroflot, Air China, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Cayman Airways, China Eastern Airlines, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Philippine Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Saudia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Viva Aerobus.

Airlines and Aircraft

Data as of 1/17/21

Airline Destinations Aircraft Pre-COVID Aircraft Currently Flight Number
Aeroflot Moscow (UUEE) 777-300ER, A330-200, A330-300 777-300ER Aeroflot 103
Air China Beijing-Capital 777-300ER, 747-8 777-300ER Air China 594
Air France Paris-Charles De Gaulle, Paris-Orly A380-800 (JFK-CDG), 777-300ER (JFK-CDG, JFK-ORY), 787-9 (JFK-CDG), A330-200 (JFK-CDG) 777-300ER (JFK-CDG) Air France 7
Alitalia Milan, Rome A330-200 A330-200 (JFK-FCO), 777-300ER (Cargo Only JFK-MXP) Alitalia 609
Austrian Airlines Vienna 767-300ER Not Currently Operating
Azerbaijan Airlines Baku 787-8 Not Currently Operating
Brussels Airlines Brussels A330-300 Not Currently Operating
Cayman Airways Grand Cayman 737-300 Not Currently Operating
China Eastern Airlines Shanghai 777-300ER 777-300ER China Eastern 588
EVA Air Taipei 777-300ER 777-300ER EVA Air 31
Japan Airlines Tokyo-Haneda 777-300ER 777-300ER Japan Airlines 5
Korean Air Seoul A380-800 777-300ER Korean Air 82
Lufthansa Frankfurt, Munich A340-600 (JFK-FRA, JFK-MUC), A380-800 (JFK-FRA), 747-8 (JFK-FRA) A330-300 (JFK-FRA) Lufthansa 401
Philippine Airlines Manila A350-900 A350-900 Philippine Airlines 127
Royal Air Maroc Casablanca 787-8, 787-9 787-8, 787-9 Royal Air Maroc 201
Saudia Airlines Jeddah, Riyadh 777-300ER 777-300ER Saudia Airlines 20 (JFK-JED), Saudia Airlines 22 (JFK-RUH)
Turkish Airlines Istanbul A330-300, 777-300ER 777-300ER, 787-9 Turkish Airlines 4 (777-300ER, 787-9), Turkish Airlines 12 (787-9)
VivaAerobus Mexico City A320NEO A320NEO VivaAerobus 101

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 of JFK is used solely by Delta Airlines and has 11 gates. Many of Delta’s domestic flights used to go out from Terminal 2. However, with the opening of the Terminal 4 extension in 2015, the majority of Delta’s flights now use Terminal 4. Terminal 2 is phased to be demolished eventually and be replaced with a Terminal 4 extension.

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 of JFK is Delta’s hub. It also houses many other international airlines. Terminal 4 has 38 gates in 2 concourses. Concourse A has 6 gates and is capable of handling the A380. All of Delta’s flights use Concourse B.

Airlines and Aircraft

Delta operates a wide variety of routes using a wide variety of aircraft. In fact, pretty much every Delta aircraft except the 757-300 operates to/from JFK. To see which routes Delta flies from JFK, visit the JFK wikipedia page and scroll down to “Airlines and Destinations”. Due to the vast amount of routes and aircraft, I will not be listing them, but if you want to know what aircraft flies which route let me know and I will answer you.

Data as of 1/17/21

Airline Destinations Aircraft Pre-COVID Aircraft Currently Flight Number
Aeromexico Mexico City 737-800, 787-9 737-800 Aeromexico 403, Aeromexico 409
Air Europa Madrid A330-200 Not Currently Operating
Air India Delhi 777-300ER 777-300ER Air India 102
Air Serbia Belgrade A330-200 A330-200 Air Serbia 501
Asiana Airlines Seoul A350-900, A380-800 A350-900 Asiana 221
Avianca Bogota, Cali (stop in Medellin), Medellin A319-100 (JFK-MDE), A330-200 (JFK-BOG) A319-100 (JFK-BOG, JFK-MDE), A330-200 (JFK-BOG) Avianca 21 (JFK-BOG), Avianca 43 (JFK-MDE and JFK-MDE-CLO), Avianca 211 (JFK-BOG)
Avianca El Salvador (Avianca) San Salvador A321 A320 Avianca 567 (Avianca), Avianca El Salvador 577
Caribbean Airlines Georgetown, Kingston, Montego Bay, Port of Spain, St. Vincent, Tobago 737-800 737-800 Caribbean 4 (JFK-MBJ), Caribbean 6 (JFK-KIN), Caribbean 14 (JFK-KIN), Caribbean 527 (JFK-GEO), Caribbean 3525 (JFK-POS), JFK-SVD and JFK-TAB Not Currently Operating
China Airlines Taipei 777-300ER 777-300ER China Airlines 11
China Southern Airlines Guangzhou, Wuhan 777-300ER (JFK-CAN), 787-9 (JFK-WUH) 787-9 (JFK-CAN) China Southern 300 (JFK-CAN), JFK-WUH Not Currently Operating
Copa Airlines Panama City 737-800 737-800 Copa 807, Copa 875
Eastern Airlines Georgetown, Guatemala City, Guayaquil, Port-au-Prince 767-300ER (JFK-GYE) 767-300ER (JFK-GEO, JFK-GYE, JFK-PAP) Eastern 232 (JFK-GEO), Eastern 322 (JFK-GYE), Eastern 661 (JFK-PAP), JFK-GUA Not Currently Operating
EgyptAir Cairo 777-300ER 777-300ER EgyptAir 986
El Al Tel Aviv 747-400, 787-9 787-9 El Al 8
Emirates Dubai, Milan A380-800 777-300ER (JFK-DXB) Emirates 202 (JFK-DXB), JFK-MXP Not Currently Operating
Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi A380-800 787-9 Etihad 100
Hainan Airlines Chengdu, Chongqing 787-9 Not Currently Operating
JetBlue Late Night International Arrivals A320/A321 A320/A321 Varies
Kenya Airways Nairobi 787-8 787-8 Kenya Airways 3
KLM Amsterdam A330-300, 747-400, 777-200ER, 777-300ER, 787-9, 787-10 A330-300, 777-200ER, 787-9 KLM 642 (777-200ER, 787-9), KLM 644 (A330-300, 777-200ER, 787-9)
Kuwait Airways Kuwait City 777-300ER Not Currently Operating
LATAM Brasil Sao Paolo A350-900, 777-300ER 777-300ER LATAM 8181
LATAM Chile Lima, Santiago de Chile 767-300ER (JFK-LIM), 787-9 (JFK-SCL), 767-300ER (JFK-LIM), 787-9 (JFK-SCL) LATAM 533 (JFK-SCL), LATAM 2373 (JFK-LIM)
Singapore Airlines Frankfurt, Singapore A380-800 (JFK-FRA) A350-900 (JFK-SIN) Singapore 23 (JFK-SIN), JFK-FRA Not Currently Operating
South African Airways Johannesburg A340-600 Not Currently Operating
Swiss International Air Lines Geneva, Zurich A330-300 777-300ER (JFK-ZRH) Swiss 15 (JFK-ZRH), JFK-GVA Not Currently Operating
Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent 787-8 787-8 Uzbekistan 102
Virgin Atlantic London-Heathrow, Manchester A350-1000 (JFK-LHR), 747-400 (JFK-MAN), 787-9 (JFK-LHR) A350-1000 (JFK-LHR), 787-9 (JFK-LHR) Virgin Atlantic 4 (JFK-LHR, A350-1000, 787-9), Virgin Atlantic 26 (JFK-LHR, A350-1000, 787-9), Virgin Atlantic 606N (JFK-LHR, A350-1000), Virgin Atlantic 688 (JFK-LHR, A350-1000), JFK-MAN Not Currently Operating
Volaris Guadalajara A320-200 A320-200 Volaris 895
Volaris Costa Rica (Volaris) San Jose de Costa Rica (with stop in San Salvador), San Salvador A319 A319 Volaris 4085
WestJet Calgary 737-800 Not Currently Operating
Xiamen Air Fuzhou 787-9 Not Currently Operating

Terminal 5

Terminal 5, commonly referred to as T5, is JetBlue’s flagship hub. T5 also houses Aer Lingus, Cape Air, Hawaiian Airlines, and TAP Air Portugal. T5 has 29 gates. A321’s do not use gates 1-7. JetBlue’s international arrivals use gates 25-30, however late night international arrivals use Terminal 4, likely because T5 customs isn’t open 24/7. Aer Lingus primarily uses gates 12 and 14. Hawaiian Airlines and TAP Air Portugal use Gate 30.

Airlines and Aircraft

JetBlue operates a wide variety of routes using all of their aircraft, A320, A321, A321NEO, and E190. To see which routes JetBlue flies from JFK, visit the JFK wikipedia page and scroll down to “Airlines and Destinations”. Due to the vast amount of routes and aircraft, I will not be listing them, but if you want to know what aircraft flies which route let me know and I will answer you.

Data as of 1/18/21

Airline Destinations Aircraft Pre-COVID Aircraft Currently Flight Number
Aer Lingus Dublin, Shannon A330-300 (JFK-DUB), 757-200 (JFK-SNN) A330-300 (JFK-DUB) Aer Lingus 104 (JFK-DUB), JFK-SNN Not Currently Operating
Cape Air Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket Cessna 402 Cessna 402 Cape Air 117 (JFK-MVY), Cape Air 396 (JFK-ACK), JFK-HYA Not Currently Operating
Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu A330-300 A330-300 Hawaiian 52
TAP Air Portugal Lisbon A330-900NEO Not Currently Operating

Terminal 7

Terminal 7 is the only terminal on U.S. soil operated by a foreign carrier. Operated by British Airways, Terminal 7 houses many international carriers including British Airways, and domestic carrier Alaska Airlines, and soon to be United Airlines. Terminal 7 has 12 gates. Terminal 7 is slated to be demolished in the future when British Airways moves to Terminal 8 by the end of 2022.

Airlines and Aircraft

Data as of 1/18/21

Airline Destinations Aircraft Pre-COVID Aircraft Currently Flight Number
Aerolineas Argentinas Buenos Aires A330-200 Not Currently Operating
Alaska Airlines Los Angeles, Portland (OR), San Diego (begins April 4), San Francisco, Seattle A320-200, A321NEO, 737-800, 737-900 A321NEO (JFK-SEA), 737-800 (JFK-SFO) Alaska 160 (JFK-SEA), Alaska 657 (JFK-SFO), JFK-LAX and JFK-PDX Not Currently Operating
All Nippon Airways Tokyo-Haneda, Tokyo-Narita 777-300ER 777-300ER All Nippon 9 (JFK-NRT), All Nippon 109 (JFK-HND)
British Airways London-Heathrow A318-100 (JFK-LCY), 747-400 (JFK-LHR), 777-200ER (JFK-LGW, JFK-LHR) 777-200ER (JFK-LHR) British Airways 112, British Airways 114, British Airways 116, British Airways 182
Eurowings Dusseldorf (Seasonal) A340-300 Not Currently Operating
Iberia Madrid A350-900 A330-300 Iberia 6252
Icelandair Reykjavik 757-200, 767-300 Not Currently Operating
LOT Polish Airways Budapest, Krakow (Seasonal), Warsaw-Chopin 787-8 (JFK-BUD), 787-9 (JFK-WAW) 787-8 (JFK-BUD), 787-9 (JFK-WAW) Lot 27 (JFK-WAW), Lot 34 (JFK-BUD)
Ukraine International Airlines Kyiv 777-200ER Not Currently Operating
United Airlines Los Angeles, San Francisco (both begin 2/28/21) N/A 767-300ER United 517 (JFK-LAX), United 527 (JFK-SFO)

Terminal 8

Terminal 8 is American’s hub at JFK. American Airlines manages Terminal 8. Terminal 8 also houses other international airlines. Terminal 8 has 29 gates.

Airlines and Aircraft

American operates a wide variety of routes using a wide variety of aircraft. In fact, pretty much every American Airlines aircraft except the 787 operates to/from JFK. To see which routes American flies from JFK, visit the JFK wikipedia page and scroll down to “Airlines and Destinations”. Due to the vast amount of routes and aircraft, I will not be listing them, but if you want to know what aircraft flies which route let me know and I will answer you.

Data as of 1/18/21

Airline Destinations Aircraft Pre-COVID Aircraft Currently Flight Number
Cathay Pacific Hong Kong 777-300ER A350-1000 Cathay 841, Cathay 845
Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa, Lome 787-8 787-8 (JFK-LFW) Ethiopian 513 (JFK-LFW-ADD), JFK-ADD Not Currently Operating Nonstop
Finnair Helsinki A330-300, A350-900 A350-900 Finnair 16
LATAM Ecuador Guayaquil 767-300 Not Currently Operating
Qantas Sydney (with stop in Los Angeles 787-9 Not Currently Operating
Qatar Airways Doha A350-1000, 777-300ER A350-900, A350-1000 Qatar 702 (A350-1000), Qatar 704 (A350-1000)
Royal Jordanian Amman-Queen Alia 787-8 787-8 Royal Jordanian 262


JFK is the number one international freight gateway in the United States. Cargo facilities at JFK are located north and west of the main terminal areas.

Airlines and Aircraft

Cargo flights are tougher to find than regular flights, so data may not be 100% accurate

Airline Destinations Aircraft Flight Number
Aerounion Mexico City (With Stop in Chicago-O’Hare) A300-600 Aerounion 500
Air Serbia Cargo Belgrade Not Currently Operating
Air China Cargo Anchorage, Beijing-Capital, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Shanghai-Pudong 777-200F Air China 1020, Air China 1030, Air China 1050 (JFK-DFW Not Currently Operating)
Alitalia Cargo Milan, Rome 777-200ER (JFK-FCO), 777-300ER (JFK-MXP) Alitalia 9401 (JFK-FCO), Alitalia 9450 (JFK-FCO), Alitalia 9453 (JFK-MXP), Alitalia 9455 (JFK-FCO)
Amazon Air Chicago-O’Hare, Cincinatti, Fort Worth-Alliance, Sacramento, Seattle, Wilmington (OH) 767-300 (JFK-ORD, JFK-CVG, JFK-SMF, JFK-SEA), 767-200 (JFK-CVG, JFK-ILN) Amazon Air 3213 (JFK-CVG), Amazon Air 3430 (JFK-SMF), Amazon Air 3452 (JFK-SEA), Amazon Air 3457 (JFK-ORD), Amazon Air 4313 (JFK-CVG), Amazon Air 6761 (JFK-ILN), JFK-AFW Not Currently Operating
Asiana Airlines Cargo Anchorage, Brussels, Miami, Seoul-Incheon (With Stop in Anchorage or Brussels) 747-400 (JFK-ANC-ICN, JFK-BRU-ICN) Asiana Cargo 267 (JFK-ANC-ICN), Asiana Cargo 587 (JFK-BRU), Asiana Cargo 2519 (JFK-ANC-ICN), JFK-MIA Not Currently Operating
ASL Airlines Belgium Halifax, Liege 747-400 ASL Airlines 10 (JFK-LGG), ASL Airlines 11 (JFK-YHZ, LGG)
Atlas Air Chicago, Hangzhou, Zaragoza 747-400 Atlas Air 7550 (JFK-ORD), Atlas Air 7554 (JFK-ORD), Atlas Air 8248 (JFK-ZAZ), JFK-HGH Not Currently Operating
Avianca Cargo Bogota A330-200F Avianca Cargo 4143
CAL Cargo Air Lines Liege 747-400 CAL Cargo Air Lines 942, CAL Cargo Air Lines 992
CargoJet Bermuda, Hamilton 757-200 Cargojet 246 (BDA-JFK-YHM), Cargojet 1246 (JFK-YHM)
Cargolux Chicago-O’Hare, Guadalajara, Houston-Intercontinental, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Mexico City, Tolouse 747-8 Cargolux 7783 (JFK-MEX), Cargolux 3167 (JFK-LUX), Cargolux 4321 (JFK-LUX), Cargolux 6601 (JFK-LUX), JFK-ORD, JFK-GDL, JFK-IAH, JFK-LAX, JFK-TSL Not Currently Operating
Cargolux Italia Luxembourg, Milan-Malpanesa 747-8 Cargolux 4321 (JFK-LUX), JFK-MXP Not Currently Operating
Cathay Pacific Cargo Anchorage, Calgary, Chicago O’Hare, Columbus-Rickenbacker, Hong Kong, Portland (OR), Toronto 747-8 (JFK-ANC) Cathay Pacific Cargo 85 (JFK-YYZ-ANC-HKG, JFK-HKG), Cathay Pacific Cargo 95 (JFK-YYC), Cathay Pacific Cargo 99 (JFK-ANC), JFK-ORD, JFK-LCK, JFK-PDX Not Currently Operating
Challenge Airlines SA Liege, Tel Aviv Not Currently Operating (?)
China Airlines Cargo Anchorage, Taipei-Taioyuan (With Stop in ANC) 747-400 China Airlines Cargo 5321
DHL Aviation Anchorage, Chicago O’Hare, Cincinatti, East Midlands, Leipzig/Halle 767-300 (JFK-CVG) DHL 972 (JFK-CVG), DHL 152 (JFK-CVG), JFK-ANC, JFK-ORD, JFK-EMA, JFK-LEP Not Currently Operating
Emirates Sky Cargo Chicago-O’Hare, Dubai Al-Maktoum, Maastricht Not Currently Operating
Ethiopian Cargo Maastricht, Santiago de Chile 777-200F Ethiopian Cargo 3509 (SCL-JFK-MST)
FedEx Express Indianapolis Memphis Washington-Dulles
Kalitta Air Amsterdam 747-400 Kalitta Air 205
Korean Air Cargo Anchorage, Halifax, Miami, Seoul-Incheon, Shanghai-Pudong, Toronto-Pearson 777-200F (JFK-ICN, JFK-YHZ-ANC-ICN), Korean Air Cargo 250 (JFK-ICN), Korean Air Cargo 252 (JFK-ICN), Korean Air Cargo 258 (JFK-ICN), Korean Air Cargo 270 (JFK-ICN), Korean Air Cargo 8252 (JFK-ICN), JFK-ANC, JFK-MIA, JFK-PVG, JFK-YYZ Not Currently Operating
Lufthansa Cargo Atlanta, Frankfurt, Mexico City Boeing 777-200F (ATL-JFK), MD-11F (JFK-FRA) Lufthansa Cargo 8161 (JFK-FRA), Lufthansa Cargo 8171 (ATL-JFK-FRA)
Nippon Cargo Airlines Anchorage, Chicago-O’Hare, Tokyo Narita 747-8 Nippon Cargo 159 (ORD-JFK-ANC-NRT)
Qantas Freight Anchorage, Chongqing, Shanghai-Pudong Not Currently Operating (?)
Qatar Airways Cargo Doha, Halifax, Zaragoza Not Currently Operating (?)
Royal Jordanian Cargo Amman, Maastricht Not Currently Operating (?)
Saudia Cargo Jeddah Not Currently Operating (?)
SF Airlines Hangzhou Not Currently Operating (?)
SkyLink Express Hamilton (ON) B190 Skylink Express 9743
Turkish Airlines Cargo Atlanta (operated by AirACT Cargo), Aguadilla, Bogota, Istanbul-Ataturk (With Stop in Toronto), Toronto-Pearson, Zaragoza 747-400 (JFK-ATL-IST), 777-200F (JFK-YYZ-IST) Turkish Cargo 6363 (JFK-YYZ-IST), Turkish Cargo 6567 (Operated by AirACT Cargo JFK-ATL-IST), JFK-BQN, JFK-BOG, JFK-ZAZ Not Currently Operating
UPS Airlines Chicago-Rockford, Louisville, Orlando, Philadelphia A300-600 (JFK-RFD), 757-200F, 767-300 (JFK-SDF), MD-11F (JFK-SDF) UPS 1111 (JFK-SDF, MD-11F), UPS 1125 (JFK-RFD, MD-11F), UPS 2111 (JFK-SDF, MD-11F), UPS 5517 (JFK-SDF, 767-300), UPS 9793 (JFK-SDF, 757-200), JFK-MCO and JFK-PHL Not Currently Operating


photo credit: JFK Airport Expansion

JFK has 4 runways, two pairs of parallel runways.

Runway 13R/31L is the third-longest runway in North America, at 14,511 feet long. 13R is used for departures and never used for landings. 31L is primarily used for departures and occasionally used for landings. 31L is equipped with a Cat 1 ILS, while 13R does not have an ILS.

Runway 13L/31R is 10,000 feet long. 13L is used for landings and rarely if ever used for takeoffs. 31R is used for landings and rarely used for takeoffs. 13L is equipped with a Cat II ILS and 31R is equipped with a Cat I ILS.

4R/22L is 8,400 feet long. It is a landing runway and never used for departures. Both 4R and 22L have a CAT III ILS.

4L/22R is 12,079 feet long. It is primarily used for departures, however it is not uncommon to see planes landing on this runway if there is a bunch of landing traffic for the parallel runway. Both 4L and 22R have a CAT I ILS.

Runway Usage Scenarios

photo credit: A bizarre misunderstanding of flight patterns at JFK - Wandering Aramean

HOT TIP: Want to have the most realistic taxi? Aircraft taxiing to Runway 31L from Terminal 5 or 7 cross Runway 4L/22R at Z, and take Z all the way down to the runway. Aircraft taxiing to Runway 22R from Terminal 1 or Terminal 8 often cross runway 13L/31R at V, and take C, left on E to 22R. PM me for more tips and tricks!

These “scenarios” are not an official name. These are just runway usages I’ve seen before. These scenarios do not include very rare instances of 13L/31R being used for departures, as it’s usually only for one aircraft.

Scenario 1 = Commonly used. 22L for landings, 22R for departures/occasional landing.

Scenario 2 = 22L for landings, 22R for departures, 13R for departures

Scenario 3 = 22L for landings, 22R for departures, 13L for landings

Scenario 4 = 22L for landings, 22R for departures/occasional landing, 31L shortened at taxiway K or KE for departures

Scenario 5 = Commonly used. 13L for landings, 13R for departures

Scenario 6 = Commonly used. 31L for departures/occasional landings, 31R for landings

Scenario 7 = Commonly used. 4L for departures/occasional landing, 4R for landings

Departure/Arrival Procedures

JFK has some very unique departure and arrival procedures. These are used due to the heavily congested New York area airspace, so there is not much wiggle room.

Departure Procedures

photo credit: @Guxk

All departures from JFK involve radar vectors to the first waypoint. Regardless of your departure procedure, you follow the assigned heading for your runway departure:

After Departure from 4L = Fly runway heading (044) until you reach 520 feet, then immediately turn right to heading 099 and expect vectors.

After Departure from 13R = Fly runway heading 134 until you reach 520 feet, and then turn left heading 109 and expect vectors. Sometimes planes turn right instead of left, as assigned by ATC.

After Departure from 22R = Fly runway heading (224) and expect vectors.

After Departure from 31L: Fly runway heading 314 to intercept course 237, turn left to waypoint SKORR, then to CESID, then to YNKEE, then expect vectors. Sometimes ATC shortens the turn and gives you vectors before SKORR.


This is a DME departure. Aircraft IRL turn to the assigned heading listed and then expect vectors to their first waypoint.
Example: DL1908 (DAL1908) Delta Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KJFK-SDQ / MDSD) - FlightAware AA163 (AAL163) American Airlines Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KJFK-KCLT) - FlightAware

HAPIE SIX This is another DME departure for some of the runways. This departure is for aircraft heading east to the waypoint HAPIE.

Example: DL234 (DAL234) Delta Flight Tracking and History 17-Jan-2021 (KJFK-TLV / LLBG) - FlightAware

DEEZZ FIVE This departure is used for aircraft heading west. After turning to the assigned heading, you expect vectors to waypoint DEEZZ. Aircraft never fly directly northwest after departure. They are brought east over Nassau County, then turn north and then northwest to DEEZZ. Not sure why the chart says to maintain 5000, as aircraft are usually much higher by then, around 20000.

Example: DL326 (DAL326) Delta Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KJFK-KLAX) - FlightAware


This departure is used for aircraft heading east.

Example: VS26 (VIR26) Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KJFK-LHR / EGLL) - FlightAware

GREKI SIX This departure is used for aircraft heading east, northeast, or north.

Example: JL5 (JAL5) Japan Airlines Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KJFK-HND / RJTT) - FlightAware AY16 (FIN16) Finnair Flight Tracking and History 17-Jan-2021 (KJFK-HEL / EFHK) - FlightAware

MERIT SIX This departure is used for aircraft heading east, or northeast.

Example: AZ9455 (AZA9455) Alitalia Flight Tracking and History 17-Jan-2021 (KJFK-FCO / LIRF) - FlightAware


This departure is occasionally used for 31L/R departures.

Arrival Procedures

photo by me - do not use without permission

JFK has many different approaches and STARs. To view all of the runway approaches, click here and look for “Approach”.

All of JFK’s STARS involve Radar Vectors towards the final approach after you reach the final waypoint in your STAR.


This STAR is rarely if ever used by jet aircraft. This STAR is very very rare in use at JFK due to the fact that very little turboprops fly into JFK.

PARCH THREE This STAR is a star that comes from the east and northeast. This STAR is very similar to another STAR, ROBER TWO however this STAR involves DME usage. Once you reach ROBER, expect vectors.

Example: QR701 (QTR701) Qatar Airways Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (DOH / OTHH-KJFK) - FlightAware


This STAR is used by aircraft coming from the west and northwest. Aircraft reach LENDY at FL190. If aircraft are landing on 22L/R or 31L/R, they are then given vectors to the final approach course, which is usually a left downwind approach. Right downwind, while rare, has been used before. Aircraft landing on 4L/R or 13L continue to VOR LGA and then are given vectors to the final approach course.

Example: B6224 (JBU224) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KLAX-KJFK) - FlightAware 31R landing

B6224 (JBU224) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 11-Jan-2021 (KLAX-KJFK) - FlightAware 22L landing

NH10 (ANA10) All Nippon Flight Tracking and History 15-Jan-2021 (NRT / RJAA-KJFK) - FlightAware 13L landing (very rare full ILS 13L, usually only used less than a handful of times per year!) Also, 4L/R landings use a right downwind.


This STAR is used by aircraft coming from the north and northwest. For final vectors, follow the same procedures for LENDY SIX above.



This arrival is used by aircraft coming from the south and west. Once at CAMRN at 11000, expect vectors.

Examples: YX5609 (RPA5609) Republic Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (KCHS-KJFK) - FlightAware B6510 (JBU510) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 18-Jan-2021 (SDQ / MDSD-KJFK) - FlightAware B6224 (JBU224) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 15-Jan-2021 (KLAX-KJFK) - FlightAware


This STAR, like PARCH THREE, is used for aircraft coming from the north and east.

All aircraft approaching runway 4L/4R either make a straight-in from CAMRN, right downwind from VOR LGA, or right base from ROBER.


Example of 4R landing from CAMRN - B62536 (JBU2536) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 08-Jan-2021 (STI / MDST-KJFK) - FlightAware

Example of 4R landing from ROBER - BA173 (BAW173) British Airways Flight Tracking and History 08-Jan-2021 (LHR / EGLL-KJFK) - FlightAware

Example of 4R landing from LGA - B6224 (JBU224) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 08-Jan-2021 (KLAX-KJFK) - FlightAware

All aircraft approaching runway 13L do the Parkway Visual or VOR/GPS approach, which involves passing over VOR CRI before making your tight turn for landing. Aircraft are vectored to ASALT at 3000, where they begin the approach. From CAMRN, it’s a straight vector. From VOR LGA, it’s a right downwind approach for 4R, then right downwind for 13L until the turn to ASALT. From ROBER, it’s vectors to ASALT.

All aircraft approaching runway 22L/R make a left downwind, regardless of from ROBER, LENDY, or ROBER. Sometimes, aircraft from ROBER make a direct to a left base.


From LENDY - B6224 (JBU224) JetBlue Flight Tracking and History 11-Jan-2021 (KLAX-KJFK) - FlightAware
From ROBER -

All aircraft approaching runway 31L/R make either a left downwind from LENDY, direct to left base from CAMRN, or direct to right base from ROBER.

Well, that’s it! I covered everything you need to know about JFK. If there’s something that slipped through the cracks, if something is inaccurate, or if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Sources = Combination of Flightaware, Flightradar24, YouTube videos, JFK Wikipedia Page, and my own personal knowledge


Ah yes. The Ultimate JFK guide by the New York Realism Police Chief Himself

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Nice guide, Rocco!

Since we don’t have radar vectors in IF necesarily when departing, what’s the best way to make your departure out of JFK as realistic as possible?

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Wow I’m amazed good guide to an good airport . How long did it take you to do this ?

Thanks for asking! I included the realistic runway headings in the departure and arrivals part. But for the radar vectors part, it’s hard to 100% nail it down as they can be different. I’d say to look on FlightRadar24 or FlightAware if you’re replicating a flight and see what path they took, and try to replicate that.

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Thank you! I started yesterday afternoon, took a break to watch football and sleep, and was working on this since 10:00 AM this morning. In total around 10 or so hours.


Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to this one.

Beautiful. This pleases a JFK native like me. Excellent work compiling all this info!

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Awesome! I can’t wait to fly my United A350 in from Casablanca and use the straight in approach to runway 13L after buzzing the LaGuardia tower!

Ooh! Really nice tutorial, great work on it Rocc-…oh god…

I must avoid JFK at all costs now to avoid a rant and a link to this guide 😟

Jk, thanks for the great tutorial Rocco. I’ll be sure to use this when flying around JFK. Surprisingly that’s actually pretty little, I very rarely fly out of JFK or LAX 🤔

Nice guide Rocco!

JFK terminal two is the only terminal not capable for handling international flights.

Are you from the NYC area.

JFK has visual canarsie approach for 13R and 13L following the shore parkway visual. And was this really needed. Another user posted this before and it got flagged and removed.

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Yes, I’m from Long Island. And this post got approved by the moderators, if they didn’t like it they would’ve removed it 😊

While 13R does have the approach procedure, it’s very very rare to see it used for landings. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it used.

Thanks for your tutorial

Very well done, Rocco! @TaipeiGuru might want to check this out for the next time he is departing JFK. lol.


What’s the probability of being reported if I park an A380 at terminal 8, depart 31R, hook a right, fly over La Guardia then direct KBOS?


Signs point to yes. More likely, however, for you to get a knock on the door from Rocco.


Long Island Vibes

Very nice tutorial Rocco :)

Very very very high

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