Your Ultimate Guide to Infinite Flight Fuel Burn + Fuel Calculator [40 AIRCRAFT]

With the release of 22.7, the old E175 is no longer in the game. I have removed the E175 from this guide for now, next time I buy a sub it will be updated.

But daddy Andrew, everyone knows that the best part is running out of fuel mid flight and racking up five violations because your asleep and your E175 is taking a nose dive into the Atlantic.

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Also please go touch grass. You need it dude.

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I’m a CS major, what the heck is oatmeal grass

I feel so bad for anybody taking a CS major. IS is the way to go.

well we call it CIS

I just re-bought a sub and I may do a couple flights will keep numbers updated.


777-300(ER) “fuel needed” seems to be slightly off (especially for shorter flights), use reserve instead.

What about the tbm-930

I don’t know enough about the TBM to try and test it, plus who’s long hauling a TBM lol

Why not it’s a fun aircraft to take on long distances

The thing with the TBM is since it’s not used for scheduled commercial service really its speed can be flexible. For example it might be more efficient at x knots at y altitude but at z altitude the speed for most efficiency is different. So many factors to consider.

im dumb but im at 49% load in a 787-8 doing MEL-HNL at FL370 and i want to know, can I go to FL390 or will I stall?

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Considering I have data for 50% up to FL410 I’ll let you figure that one out.


Also it’s pretty difficult to stall out any 787 because they can do 117% N1.


Hey @AndrewWu ! For the 747-400 numbers, did you use Flaps 10 or not?

Nope, those are Flaps 0 numbers. I don’t remember how much Flaps 10 helps but I think it’s like ~40% when heavy and like ~20% when light.

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Amazing thanks! I guess I’ll be headed for an Ultra Long Haul on the 744 tonight!

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