Your Two Cents on Infinite Flight 18.1

What do you think about the latest Infinite Flight update? Below are my experience and opinions:

I love the new ATC voices
Much smoother when looking around
ATIS (Of course)
A lot more “creature comforts”

Minuses (if I had to nitpick some):
The new placement of the “Reply” button on ATC is something I’ll have to get used to

Great update, thank you FDS! Can’t wait for 'em CRJs!

Note that even if you leave your opinions below, you won’t get any physical nor virtual money. :)


I think I like the new ATC interface. The only thing I don’t like it how it stops other transmissions and then plays yours. I think it would be better to play yours after the transmission is done (hopefully that made sense).


I absolutely love all the new liverys! FDS did an amazing job on them. I also love the new ATC interface and all the other tiny features that add that extra realistic and/or simpler aspect to the simulator.

The only con I have is that there is no Qantas logo on the belly of the 737. I completely understand why they couldn’t add that and understand that they will (probably) add if FDS does a 737 rework.


The pilot quick reply is pretty cool.

After ATC gives you an instruction, you just hold down the headset and it’ll reply for you. You don’t need to open the interface and hit reply.


I gotta get used to that! I agree with the reply placement, I’ve accidentally pressed different commands twice earlier when trying to reply.

I love as a pilot the new hold and reply. Also, the voices are pretty amusing, especially the women smoker voice, and I like the fact that other ATC transmissions cut off when I am receiving an instruction or when I am sending one.

ATIS is a game changer but my favorite new thing is the callsigns on the map and the orange blinking when they are sending a transmission. If you want to learn from the IFATC like I try to do when I remain in the pattern, then the orange blinking thing is welcomed!

Thank you FDS, you guys are awesome!


What I like:

  • I really like the feature of being able to change your pilot/ATC’s voice. It just makes IF a lot more customisable and ‘cooler’.
  • The new ATC interface. It’s super stunning, modern and easier to use.

What I ‘dislike’: (I can’t really dislike anything in IF lol)

  • How we have to get used to the new ATC interface. It’s gonna take some time to adapt to, and I may make some mistakes along the way, which HOPEFULLY don’t result in violations.

I love the update although I would appreciate more southeast asian airlines to be added.


As at this time, I don’t have a Pro Subscription (Rip me until next month 🙃). I can’t review much about ATC updates + ATIS. Only from what I have seen in YT videos.


  • I love the new Qantas and SAS 737-800. For months, I have been wanting these two and finally it came true! ❤✈
  • jetBlue A321 and Alaskan A320 are also a nice addition aswell imo
  • The new ATC Interface looks awesome! And I like bigger screens aswell. ❤✈
  • ATIS! It helps pilots so much with lastest conditions of the airport ❤✈
  • Gate Hold and Flow Control commands. It would help IFATCs alot especially when controlling an airfield during FNF. Much needed!


  • I’m not sure but Infinite Flight was so laggy earlier today and even crashed due to the lag. I have never experienced this issue before on past updates.

So far, I’m satisfied with this update. And I’m looking forward to CRJ Update after receiving this update. Thanks alot FDS! ❤✈


I haven’t have time to try, but after updating the app and looking into the aircraft list, I did see that AC/C130 also required to be updated individually, and also the DC’s and MD’s. I wonder what have changed from those aircrafts.

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Winner right here-can’t count how many times I got bombarded with ATC on final and screwed up my landing trying to answer lol



  • New Liveries
  • ATC voices ( I will be messing with these because it’s fun)
  • A/P is smoother
  • Camera movement is smoother too


  • All I can say for the downs is that the camera movement for me makes it seem like IF is lagging very hard. Though that doesn’t bother me so the update is fine.
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Which feature did you like best?!😃

  • ATIS
  • New ATC layout
  • Liveries
  • Other

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  • Amazing New Liveries (I love the new Lufthansa B748!)
  • Different Voices (Adds some diversity!)
  • New ATC Interface (Adds a learning curve, but it looks great! Very sleek and modern.)
  • ATIS (So useful!)
  • VFR ATC Commands (I’ll definitely be trying this out.)


  • Infinite Flight seemed to lag a ton when I tried it out yesterday, though it could of been due to the huge amount of aircraft at VHHH.
  • Less aircraft seemed to render for me, even when I put my aircraft count on Very High. Once again, it couldv’e just been the huge amount of aircraft at VHHH.
  • I have to get used to the new ATC interface.

All in all - Great job FDS! Thanks for another amazing update! :)


What i like:
-Alaskan A320
-Atc interface is actually much better

What i hate:

  • The logbook bug…
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I love everything, I mean, I’ll start to have to get used to that new ATC, but there’s something that’s bugging me
The new Lufthansa livery doesn’t have the #explorethenew, me sad now

I think it is awesome to see people excited for non-plane features.

Don’t get me wrong, new planes are cool and all, but I think people overlook the simpler things that bring just as much if not more value to the the pilot experience. Data on tags, flashing icons, log book, quick replies, etc.


Positives: ATC is awesome! I’ll usually only control for an hour or so at a time and last night I controlled for almost 3 hours at once. Haven’t had a chance to fly yet but will certainly be trying that today. I also love the new OTA update feature so that FDS can push certain updates to us without updating the app. Hopefully AIRAC cycles are a part of that…

Negatives: there aren’t any!

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On my phone it seems like I am only stuck with one kind if vice pack even if I downloaded like 5 different voice pack. I even put English (US) on default. I only have a female voice playing ( I think it’s Indian accent) Any ideas how to make it right. ? Device is Razer phone Android 7.1.1

This should be your answer :)