Your TS1 days

I already tried that. Was ok

San Clemente with the A340 was amazing too lol

Eh. I never have flies the a340… I think? I might do that

I remember I was doing a short fight from LA to Vegas and the grade 1’s wouldn’t move. So you already know what I did. I gave up after waiting for like 10 minutes and just taxied through those guys. I didn’t even care. But that’s about it really

And this is coming from a person who has no violations and 1 ghost

Wow, people do not know crap sometimes🤣😂

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I’ve been around since before the days of Live, so I actually was able to get on the Advanced Server almost immediately, and never had to bother with the Playground server, and now the Training Server. So I would consider by TS1 days to be the pre-TS1/Playground days. Those times at KHAF Were definitely fun though


When I first joined, I kept spamming the frequency for tower to hand me off to another frequency, because I didn’t know how to change frequencies.

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Guess I should be happy I wasn’t control at that time! … I don’t even know if I existed in IF at that time

I few 100 hours before ts1 was a thing lol


I remember hardly ever completing flights and I didn’t know how to use autopilot so often ended up flying 747s and A380s on like 5 min flights…

I used to handfly like 10 or 20 min flights hahaha

I will let my nearly 200 violations speak for themselves. 😅

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I don’t remember the TS1 days. It was more than 18 months ago, and to be fair I only have 4 violations, so I don’t think I was too dramatic.

Having to deal with people lining up on the runways when I’m on short final, atc clearing someone for takeoff when he just cleared me for landing and I’m on final.

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Oh yeah, back in those days I was impatient. If there was an ignorant aircraft entering the runway as I came in to land, I would never go around, even if ATC told me to!

(I realize calling those aircrafts “ignorant” is quite hypocritical…)

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