Your TS1 days

Ya know, I am grade three, at least 60K xp, many flights, etc. We have all gone through the time when we were stuck in 300 knot takeoffs, running through others, and speed of aound cruises. I am aware that there is a topic for Humorous Live Photos (Part 2), but this is focused on you and the past when you first started. Unfortunatly I had watched 20 youtube fids before I started, so I have practicly nothing to example here. I hope you guys actually have some stories from your training server days! This might be, for some people, the ATC playground.

I don’t have any examples 🤯 I didn’t to many things bad I only have 3 violations and that is from speed at cruise because of winds…

I barely have any too… agree

I used to fly big airplanes in restricted airports but I’ve learned and am now an expert and don’t even think about doing that

Oh man, those were the days lol, like the days I only flew from KLAX-KNUC, KLAX-KSAN, KSAN-KNUC and the occasional flight to KPSP. And I remember every time I flew out of KNUC it was jam packed with people taxiing through each other. I only went there because there was always ATC there.


I remember flying around and crashing every 30 seconds cause I got bored


Wow, reminds me of KSAN: lots of a380s.


Haha! A friend of mine did that first time flying in the sim.

Yep. No comments: this was me too at a point.

And the days when I controlled at KNUC I would always close the airport so I could get departures out and people just kept on coming.

Because it is TS1! It is chaos

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I remember KPSP being one of the more civilized places on SoCal, one of the places I liked to fly to the most on TS1

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This was the only place I controlled

I remember the occasional A320 that would request takeoff on 31R/13L though lol.

Yep. But then you would see A380s taking off🤣

Yep haha, and a lot of em would always pitch so much to get off of the ground at the end of that threshold.

I remembered when I brought an A380 to KNUC 6 times every week. And I also remember when people were taxiing through me, don’t get me started with the spams too which were annoying to me. Even though during my first days, I used to taxi at 100 GS at KLAX haha*

  • = Even sometimes I took off from the taxiway which caused me to get violations

Not to mention that when I was controlling KLAX Tower (2), it was a mess as I keep directing aircrafts to 07/06 sides while the other Tower directs aircraft to 25/24. We keep on-guarding each aircrafts on the area so yea it was a chaos

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Lol! So true about that there

I loved trolling in my F22 ;)

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KNUC in a nutshell right there😜