Your Thoughts on Infinite Flight 18.2

Everything about the aircraft is amazing! The only thing that I am disappointed about is the removal of in-app purchases. Now I cannot purchase airplanes individually, and would have to purchase an IF PRO Subscription to get the plane. I am not made of money, so I probably wouldn’t be doing that anytime in the future, so that kind of stinks. :(

Completely agree with you here…

I love that they added the HOP! livery- I use it all the time now from Paris to London city or Stuttgart or some other city.

I’m without update.My phone is not compartible :(

Should that be a support topic? Just sayin’. I don’t mean you’re off topic.


I love the CRJ update.

The new cabin view and mood lighting is amazing!

The one thing I don’t really like about it is the new grade table. For some reason, I like to see requirements for previous grades as well XD


I like this update other than the inability to purchase single aircraft. I’d buy the CRJ if it was $4.99, but you can’t. You have to pay $9.99 for a month. So I have mixed thoughts about this one.

That is the exact same issue with me. I wish they would have kept in-app purchases. :(

I was still in the air and didn’t have time to post a whole new topic, but someone has already alerted the devs to it here- CRJ Flaps Animation Issue so all should be good very soon!


The new CRJ is great as are scenery updates.

Improvements I’d like to see:

  1. Improve airport lighting so it’s not so dim and add taxiway lighting. I have a hard time enjoying night flying right now given the airport lighting.

  2. Add precipitation so we can actually put those windshield wipers to use :)

  3. Make terrain resolution better than 15 m so we can make out landmarks. It’s tough to make out landmarks and terrain features when flying below 15,000 ft.

Overall this is a great update and I look forward to what’s to come!


This is a nice update. Really like those window views and the mood lighting. I’m not sure if they do this IRL on the CRJ but I wish that the mood lighting is bright orange during sunrise/sunset. Flew the bird 3 times today and doesn’t disappoint.
Not only is the CRJ the primary focus of this update, but simply seeing regional airports like KXNA, KDAY, etc in action really shows how these airports slowly get more and more attention.
Other than that, there aren’t any complaints from me. 10/10 :)


Don’t like the aircraft personally but I love the quality and it shows what FDS will be able to do for the aircraft I like

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The CRJ rendering looks awesome, there’s no denying that. I also like the window view. However I think new features are being added when existing things need to be addressed. Eg, mood lighting, windscreen wipers, ATIS - these we don’t need. I see no sign that taxi lights, better runway lighting, more realistic engine noises etc are being worked on.


Its Good, But I Would Love To See A A330 Rework With A 300 And 200 Varient. But Still I Love The New Realism On The CRJ-700

I don’t like the pricing model. i just want to buy the planes to fly on solo, and not have to pay £10/month. i’m not hating, but i feel as if each update i still squeezing me for more and more money

Is it possibel to start the Flight and the CRJ-700 stands at the Apron with Doors open ?


The CRJ is Great love it, I hope the slightly wonky NAV mode gets fixed, just not as polished as NAV mode on other A/C… Other than that no complaints with the update!


I find that the CRJ700 has the best physics of any airplane ever mad for IF. I’m all for realism and this is a huge step up. Great work developers! And mods for keeping us at bay while we waited xD


In my opinion, 18.2 is the best update for Infinite Flight (other than global), and has introduced a whole new level of aircraft and is epic. The CRJ-700 is an amazing aircraft and fits in perfectly with the terrain update, and is only getting better and has more butter in store (I’ll let @DeerCrusher stick with grease 😉).

So, how do you rate 18.2?

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So first of all thank you to the devs for all your hard work on the
CRJ Series, the amount of time you all of spent really show.

That being said there are two details I think you really missed, one of which is a step down from previous aircraft.

  1. Text from the Landing Lights Panel
    As you can see in the image below, the text featured in the landing lights panel appears to be overlapping itself. I would expect this to be a quick fix. As it is the only section indicator/switch labels which is not held to the high standard as the rest. IMG_2351

  2. Flaps and Spoilers Animation
    As I know others have said above, I believe of the one biggest missed opportunities within the CRJ700 series aircraft is the absence of animated flap and spoiler levers. This was one of the first cockpit features to get animated, in previous aircraft, and a feature that is surely missed as part of the CRJ 700.

Otherwise GREAT Job, it has been fantastic flying short haul routes this week!