Your Thoughts on Infinite Flight 18.2

As the title indicates, this topic is for you to share your thoughts, likes, dislikes etc. on Infinite Flight’s latest version/update, I’ll start with mine:

  1. The most loved feature for me within the new regional airliner, CRJ700 is that the windscreen wipers are now animated. I went as far as to turn them on during the whole inaugural CRJ flight from Phoenix to Dallas/Fort Worth!
  2. Secondly, I’m in love with the new IF livery. The IF livery on the B788 while sleek and minimal, looked kinda plain to me. On the new CRJ, though, the IF logo on the vertical stabilizer just adds that little bit towards creating an almost-perfect livery!
  3. Another thing I like in the update is the mood lightning in the cabin. Although I have yet to find the best lightning to show it’s true beauty, it just adds that much more realism™!
  4. Finally, it’s really fun to fly with all doors opened on solo.

Share your opinions below!


I love the crj especially as you have said the cabin mood lightning. It is also very nice to open the cargo and passenger door and the cockpit is brilliant. But I would love to have also the wind map.


I personally love the new CRJ so much. Glad it came with the Alaska Airlines livery.


The incredible detail IF put into this. If you look under the left engine when opening the cargo doors even the handle moves. The detail is so incredible.

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I really love the detail and the realism this incredible new update has brought. The little things such as working wipers and cabin mood lighting are amazing and something I would expect from a pc flight sim, not a mobile one. However i have experienced a considerable amount of lag especially when landing. On the whole though it’s amazing and I can’t wait to see what the devs do next!

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One word: CRJ.
Best thing ever


Truly amazing! They even did the smallest things, like making some of the mechanics on the front gear move, from the handle that moves on the cargo handle, even the working windshield wipers! Only downfall is that it takes practice to perfect, which is fine by me!

I love it, although I cannot run Infinite Flight with full graphics anymore. I might buy a new iPad, but it doesn’t look to bad with medium settings.


Only thing I am a little dissertation by is that (and I aggree with you on what you already said about the IF livery) it is still the 2016 one, excluding the retro one we have not seen a new one in two years…

It’s a great update and I can’t wait for the rest of the CRJ family that’s coming. Though one really small annoyance is that the CRJ can get slightly laggy probably cause of the detail compared to other aircraft. Besides that the devs did great!

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How do you activate/see the mood lighting?

MaxSez: 18.2 is Shite Hot… CRJ-700 impressive flight wise, a real Lady!
Physics perfectly emulated. Don’t like the crew presence in the pit, there bulk masks the beautiful rendered cockpit display and their skeletal hands are poorly rendered in my eaglet opinion. Actions well received and added realism. Appear Bombardier and IF have delivered a winner. No wonder Boeing had a hissed fit on this new entry in the market. Canada’s Bombardier has an industry wide rebirth with this series. Watch the sky’s.
Here’s the bottom line for the 700 and her stretch sisters;

CRJ Series Brochure[41]
Variant CRJ700 CRJ900 CRJ1000
Cockpit crew Two
Cabin crew Two-Three
Seating capacity 66 to 78 76 to 90 97 to 104
Cargo capacity 547 cu ft / 15.5 m3
5,375 lb / 2,438 kg 594 cu ft / 16.8 m3
6,075 lb / 2,756 kg 683 cu ft / 19.4 m3
7,180 lb / 3,257 kg
Length 106 ft 1 in / 32.3 m 118 ft 11 in / 36.2 m 128 ft 5 in / 39.1 m
Height 24 ft 10 in / 7.6 m 24 ft 7 in / 7.5 m 24 ft 6 in / 7.5 m
Wingspan 76 ft 3 in / 23.2 m 81 ft 7 in / 24.9 m 85 ft 11 in / 26.2 m
Wing area 760 sq ft / 70.6 m2 765 sq ft / 71.1 m2 833 sq ft / 77.4 m2
Fuselage, cabin 8 ft 10 in / 2.7 m diameter, 100.5 in / 2.55 m width × 74.0 in / 1.88 m height
MTOW 75,000 lb / 34,019 kg (ER) 84,500 lb / 38,330 kg (LR) 91,800 lb / 41,640 kg (ER)
Max. Landing 67,000 lb / 30,391 kg 75,100 lb / 34,065 kg (LR) 81,500 lb / 36,968 kg
Max. Zero Fuel 62,300 lb / 28,259 kg 70,750 lb / 32,092 kg (LR) 77,500 lb / 35,154 kg
Operating empty 44,245 lb (20,069 kg) 48,160 lb (21,845 kg) 51,120 lb (23,188 kg)
Max. payload 18,055 lb / 8,190 kg 22,590 lb / 10,247 kg (LR) 26,380 lb / 11,966 kg
Engines (2x) GE CF34-8C5B1 GE CF34-8C5 GE CF34-8C5A1
Thrust (2x)[a] 13,790 lbf / 61.3 kN 14,510 lbf / 64.5 kN
Max. speed 0.825 Mach (473 kn, 876 km/h) 0.82 Mach (470 kn, 871 km/h)
Cruise 0.78 Mach (447 kn, 829 km/h)
Range[b] 1,378 NM / 2,553 km (ER) 1,553 NM / 2,876 km (LR) 1,622 NM / 3,004 km (ER)
Take off[c] 5,265 ft / 1,605 m (ER) 6,360 ft / 1,939 m (LR) 6,955 ft / 2,120 m (ER)
Landing[d] 5,040 ft / 1,536 m 5,355 ft / 1,632 m 5,740 ft / 1,750 m

I’ll remark on the rest of 18.2’s upgrade soon as I give them the smell test

Regards All


Why would they put wipers on? Maybe dynamic weather is coming? Just a thought 😏


I love the CRJ-700 aircraft, just one question, do you think they will add rain to go with the wipers on the CRJ

Here’s what I think:

As much as I love the update and as much as I love the game, there’s one thing that has been bothering me for ages: The details.

Don’t get me wrong, the CRJ model is beautiful. It’s highly realistic, the resolution is pretty good, and the exterior animations are stunning.

But are some examples of what I mean about the details:

  • The landing lights are the same as on every other plane. They’re just two bright spots put in position somewhere where the lights are supposed to be. Thy don’t look realistic at all.
  • Cockpit Instruments like the Virtual Horizon are still only a flat image. No animations, nothing. That’s something other simulators have had for years. But it’s still missing here.
  • The new camera angles are great. But why do you add tons of new angles, but no F/O view?

In my opinion FDS is doing a great job with the exterior models of the planes, the physics and the terrain imagery. Live Flight is great as well. It’s one of the most realistic flight simulators we have and in every update it gets better.

But I think that despite the major changes we saw recently that brought some new fun to the game, there are still some fundamental things missing. FDS put the focus on planes and imagery. I don’t disagree with that. But I’m missing the details especially in the UI, the interior models and controls.

I still like Infinite Flight even though I haven’t played it a lot in the last couple weeks because of some personal crap. And I will continue to play it. I just hope that the focus of the developers will move a little bit.


The new CRJ is just incredible, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same simulator! It really brings IF to the next level.

Just turn the time of day to night, and it activates.

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The CRJ is amazing but as many have said it’s a hard aircraft to master. That’s what makes it great!

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The CRJ is great, with the mood lighting and the attention to detail. However, there’s one thing which really bugs me- the cockpit switch labelled “Flight Spoiler” only comes down when the flaps are down and the handle labelled “Flaps” remains still! Either than that small nitpick, the airplane is loaded with tiny cool details like the new nose gear (turn it left and right and you’ll see how the two “prongs” move along individually, now that’s attention to detail!)

Another overlooked detail is in the map view. If you click on other planes, you can see their flight time as well as their FPL overlayed on the map. This would be quite useful if you are flying with a friend, or see someone that you want to join but are not sure of their destination.

Overall, this update is extremely content HEAVY. The new details are refreshing, especially in a mobile sim and the quality of the CRJ definitely exceeds the previous jets, although I can’t help but feel FDS went a bit too far with details alone while we’re still stuck with no dynamic weather like rain/snow, and gauges that are still a picture. The ones on the CRJ are less crisp than the ones on the 787, which leads me to believe they’re placeholders for a coming update with working gauges…

Good update, 5/7 with rice. but could use some seasoning here and there.


The CRJ. That is all…