Your Session Has Been Terminated

I was on an approach to EGLL, and a low battery sign appeared in my screen, which I didn’t notice for a few seconds I guess. I pressed ok, and then it said your session has been terminated. This means I can’t get my flight back, correct? It was a 5 hour flight from Cairo to London.

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Yes, that is correct. You must have had failed to notice it for long enough to have the server disconnect you, unfortunately.

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I looked away and looked back and it was there.

Yep, you can’t. Basically because of that pop-up IF was in the background, pausing itself, and that is something it hates to be in, so if you don’t act quick you will not be able to reconnect to the server for ATC’s convenience.


That sucks, that makes 2 flights in a row that I couldn’t finish. Thanks for the info, I’ll remember to check every few minutes next time

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Thanks for the help folks!