Your Satisfaction Degrees About Fleets Between Real Life and IF

Hello, i just wanted to see comments and points of users about their satisfaction as same as the title has said. And i guess, it can help to devs and editors to make updates more realistic.

I know you can ask, What is this?

My example is:

Turkish Airlines has just “1” Boeing 737-700 (with new livery) in real life. And it can be sold in coming soon.

Turkish Airlines has more than “100” B737-800 in real life and also so many "737-900er and, 777-300er.

Turkish Airlines has so many A321, A320, A319, A330-300 and A330-200.

But in IF: There are Turkish Airlines planes which are b737-700 (with old livery), b737-900, b777-300er, a321-200, a330-200f.

I am ok with b739, b773, a321 and a332f. But that b737-700 is not useful. Because it has old airline livery and there is just 1 in real life. So, I am hesitating to use that. I would like to see b738, a320, a319 or a333. I know IF cannot put all fleet of airliners. But b737-700 doesn’t seem realistic. And it would be better to change it with one of those models.

Also, in Turkey; people like competition so much. And there are some other airlines. If IF add one or two of their liveries into the game, it can attract more people.

My recommendations are:

Anadolujet (Domestic-based sub-line of Turkish Airlines): b738
Pegasus (low-cost rival of Turkish Airlines): a320, b738
Sunexpress (sub-line of Turkish Airlines): b738, a330
Onurair: a330, a321, a320
Atlas global: a321, a320 and “1” a319

One or two of them would be nice to attract more people. And deleting b737-700, adding b738 or airbus would be nice.

And my satisfaction degree is %40 with current status.

And yours?

The developers work super hard creating the simulation day and day out. Yes, some of the livery’s are outdated but some users like them still. If you would like to see the Livery’s you have listed, you can always make a #features request! Have other members vote for your request and hope your request will be added! Unfortunately you are TL1 and you must be TL2 to make a request. Keep reading, posting, and liking post any you will get there in no time!

Here is a helpful link:

Now back to your topic. Like I said before, FDS works extremely hard to make this the best simulator out there. Yes, you might not like everything. But other users do. I personally love everything about Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community. FDS also strides for realism. Yes, Turkish Airlines only has very few 737-700’s remaining, but, it does not mean it is not realistic. I hope this can clear a couple things up. And remember, once you become TL2, you can always make a #features request! _______________________________________

Here is al list of requests that other members have made that are identical to what you have said in this post. Feel free and vote for any of them and show your support!

Turkish A320
Turkish Boeing 737-800
Pegasus A320
Anadolu Jet Boeing 737-800

Have a flying day!