Your RNP Library and Guide (SIDs)

this is a really cool tutorial. Another way is if you have a foreflight sub (I know its expensive) you can manually add GPS coordinates and make the arc that way too. that way is easier for me

The only problem with this is over and under shoot. Flying a SID at EGLL, the aircraft was constantly banking left and right to merge onto the track— but when flying out of KLAX, the turn was later so I was at a higher speed, and the aircraft overshot the turn by a the radius of the curve. I know you can activate legs early, but it’s impossible to do that while adjusting VS, putting in flaps, etc. I end up rolling manually, using the SID as just a reference.

Hello Othman,
It’s possible to make LYBE ? Currently trying myself but can’t do it, both runways please 🙏🏼

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EIDW (Dublin Airport) SIDs (Included new runway 28R / 10L)


Thanks you including you the new Runway Procedures :)

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EGLL all SIDs now are available:


  • Unzip file
  • Save on your device
  • Open IF
  • Flight plan menu on Online or Solo mode
  • Open Flight plan Option
  • Find the EGLL folder you have unzipped and select SID you want.
  • After that copy the rest of you flight plan and edit the duplicate way points.


  • Using → Flight plan summary you can see what SID for departure will have your flight plan.

Pics instruction’s:


Really nice tutorial, love it!
Thanks a lot.