Your RNP Library and Guide (SIDs)


Have you ever thought if it is possible to make your departures more realistic?

Since in infinite flight actually we don’t have curves in our flight plan I thought this can be helpful to make our flights more realistic and the way we can get it can be more easy. I have some airports with real SIDs procedures it can be downloaded here, others airport for the moment you won’t find it since they don’t have SIDs with curves or for the moment is unavailable to make it. In this library you would find a lots of custom SIDs with curves.

Note: If there are some airports missing if because they don’t have RNP procedures and is all with straight lines and which with actually SIDs system in IF is enough to make it, for example: KATL

Actual SIDs procedure / Realistic RNP SIDs procedure: EGLL / MAXIT1G

Now you can see the difference you may be wondering how you can do that, well you will need 3 things:

Once you have all the requirements is time to learn how you can do it



  • Find your departure airport and your route in Flight radar 24. You can find it filtering your airport and you will only see aircrafts departing or approaching in that airport. Example EGLL.

  • Before taking this step you will need to know which SID you want to create. Example: DET2F runway 27R.

  • You can take advantage seeing at this moment which traffic have departed in the same direction like your SID. Otherwise you can select the Route that you want and search from there.

We’re lucky we have this BA going to BRU, in the same direction and SID that we want.

This is how the KML looks should looks like:

  • Now, this is when things get a little complicated. Now you have the KML file you will need to opened in the wonderful website called IF Flight plan tools.

Chose the file we downloaded > search the folder you save the file and select it > then it should looks like this:

You will need to know not the all point is needed, you only want the part that you SID looks like, so open the Map > you will see all the fixes the KML file have. If you zoom in the start of the file you will see point in the taxiway. You should deleted and start when the aircraft starts getting altitude which you can see it in the file.

You know when to stop when you saw the altitude comes up.

The next step is search when you want to finish the file: In general we want only the curves the other point you can added in IF. You cut it off when the curves is finish and the rest of the ponis will be deleted.

Now search the final point selecting in the map the point you want to start to deleting. Example you can see the altitude in the map Ana search it in the menu.

Start delate the other points from these point.
The result that we want:

That we have that we want is time to save it and name it. Download > Save it in the place you want and name it like the SID, Example: DET2F and add always .fpl in the end of the word; DET2F.fpl.

Congratulations you reach the final step, which is open the file in IF and personalize the SID whatever you want.

Open the file in IF and this is the results:

Now you can finish here or you can just continue editing the file and finish the SID procedure. For that you will need to follow and final the next fixes for you SID. As you can see we only have the curves but not the entire SID. Follow your SID and add the missing fixes and save it again in your saved file in your device, this would be the result:

Library (Updated 04/01/2023)

Note: Follow all ATC instructions, I’m not taking any responsibility of any Violation

SIDs - Google Drive

Do you any questions or you want to send your custom SID to share it with the others, let me know below and I will add it in the file.

¿Your airport isn’t in the file? - Dont worry I will updated the file every month with news SIDs from other airports.

Thanks for take your time to read this please let me know in the comments what airport or SID you want and what it your opinion about this thread.

Have a nice day and see you in the sky !


Will this add more NM to your departure then using the normal SID?

Also I feel like this will only be good to look at on third party apps such at Liveflight or InfiniteX.

That’s just my opinion I feel it’s more hassle doing flight plans.

Nice tutorial, my only concern is that with fixes so close to one another the aircraft will struggle to follow them with LNAV. My experience (and the tool) tells me to have no more than 1 fix per NM, so the aircraft won’t overshoot the FPL at 180-200kt speed.

Have you done some test flights with these procedures?


Of course, you also can see some SIDs have speeds restriction but if you passed some points you can activate the leg you want and fly through.

What’s the difference? Same route / same destination. You wouldn’t know when to make the turn if you have straight line on your flight plan for departure. This can cause some traffics bust with other traffics on DW.


You will may wondering how you will know the best SID procedure for your flight. I think all we know how to use Infinite Flight FPL Converter. You can see what is your SID when you create the flight plan on the website. Take a note that you will need to open first you SID and then copy and the rest of your flight plan.

I’m only used to Simbrief so wouldn’t have a clue.

Holy sweet Jesus. Its a dream come true




This is the normal SID lol. The way it’s represented in IF is inaccurate, so if you wanna compensate for that fault this is how you can.

It will theoretically add more distance. But buy probably wont be that much.
Thus having the benefit of being more comfortable for your passengers, And using airspace more effective.

I wasn’t saying it was I was simply asking 🤷🏽‍♂️

From @Othman_Asli response I have been given my answer.

@Othman_Asli, I want KMIA, KATL, MKJS and TNCM.

LPPT SIDs are now available: LPPT RNAV RWY - Google Drive

In fact the SID in IF IS correct. The SIDs use CA to DF legs. DF legs include an entry heading, a waypoit and a turn direction. It makes the track looks like an arc but there is no actually an arc in the route like a RF leg, which is most used in RNP(AR) procedures. The SIDs in IF cannot show the arc track as IF can only do TF legs. But anyway, it’s great of you to make our flights more professional and easier lol


Isn’t it supposed to be updated? @Othman_Asli

New airport: LPPT More coming later.

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Waiting for LEBL haha

It’s already there

Yep I saw it, the SID for LEBL is perfect, thanks!

Long practice has shown me that for the same arc trajectory, the horizontal offset of the IF aircraft is greater at lower speeds (because of the reduction in the aircraft’s own turning radius) and that more points do not make the offset less, only greater. Therefore I personally recommend using 1NM/FIX for the entire arc trajectory. Other than that I don’t think procedures with CA DF-like legs need to be published. This is because the trajectory of these legs is indeterminate, depending on the FMC and the performance of the aircraft. (So when will IF support parsing ARINC424?)

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