„Your‘re in an active airspace“ call, but to far away to contact,

Hello together.

I just experienced something funny on my approach into LSZH.

I received a message from tower: „You‘re in an active airspace. Please contact Zurich Tower on 118.1“

The problem: I was more than 27nm away, so it wasn‘t possible to me to contact tower. I got this call twice and I already was afraid of getting ghosted.

I don’t think that this should be possible.

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What server were you on?

I was on the Expert Global Server

Thanks for the report I’ll remind the controllers of their airspace.


If I were in this situation, I would continue flying. If you are ghosted, it’s not your fault if you weren’t able to contact the appropriate frequency, and you can appeal the ghosting on this forum. This stuff really shouldn’t be happening at all on Expert though.

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Yea if it happens again just continue on. If you are un justly ghosted it will be dealt with. We don’t want you to end a flight due to our mistake.