Your quotes & poems about Infinite Flight

Hi everyone,
After looking around on the IFC I was surprised that there was no such topic that was really active or created, so I create it.

Today we are often taken by a lot of imagination and I propose today to share your quotes or poems related to Infinite Flight.

To give you an idea, I start first,
This is a quote partly taken from Louise Tahend that I transformed for IFATC :


“An IFATC who claims to be able to single-handedly run a featured airport is a liar”


Don’t doubt anything, invent and share your ideas!


Roses are red
Violets are blue
The IF A220 is terrible
For not having a window in the loo


Laughs while opening GTADS at featured airports before 😂


Oakland comes to mind…

No the A220 is awesome



"soon "

Most common IF quote 😂


We love the A220,
The model is great,
Liveries are plenty,
No missing engine blade.


I’m glad you didn’t have to write a poem when you became a mod.

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I did have to write one; I just didn’t have to post it 😉

Roses are red
Green is the color of the tree
You should write another poem
As that will be a sight to see


There are 3D buildings,
All around the earth,
Seeing them is fulfilling,
It was the waiting worth.


Arisen is the antagonist of an airport in Aspen
Though his appearances are rare
Act like a hare you mustn’t dare
This poem is now over, you may start snappin’

I love the A Two Twenty
also in Infinite Flight,
its beauty is so plenty
everywhere in sight.

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oh i remember when there were used to be funny poems on the infinite flight community

Great, this poem stuff again.

My harsh judgment will glare upon you all.

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I can’t believe you can create poems without rhymes… It’s mean to show off like that

As another lockdown looms,
I wonder what to do.
Il spawn In the expert server,
Maybe the casual too.

This year my government told me,
Not to go out of the door.
But at least I can turn round and say,
This year I reached grade four.

Not seeing family, not seeing friends,
Having no freedom, money being tight.
Often the best part of the week was
You guessed it. Friday night flight.

I know this poem is cheesy,
But hey that’s all right.
Because for helping me through the pandemic,
I say Thank you Infinite flight.


My fuel remaining is in the red

The ocean beneath me is blue

I’m still stuck in the landing que

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People can fly
but as much as they try
they dont know how to exit the runway
so im sorry to the aircraft behind, its a go around any way